Oct 05

Trying something new: coffee rubbed steak

So, I bought some steaks to make for Mr Prince, who absolutely loves his red meat. Unfortunately, our grill is out of commission, and our usual “salt, pepper, and garlic” method isn’t going to cut it this time. Even if it’s started in a cast iron skillet and finished in the oven.

So, I went on the hunt for a new recipe full of flavor and deliciousness. I believe I’ve found it. I’m going to give it a try tonight, but it looks so yummy that I wanted to post the recipe to share with y’all.

Also, I wanted to make up for the fact that I’m not doing the flash fiction that my blog sisters are posting because I’m hip deep in edits for an anthology at Torquere.



coffee-rubbed-rib-eye-940x600Coffee-Rubbed Rib Eye


Spice Rub

  • 2 tablespoons Aleppo pepper
  • 2 tablespoons finely ground coffee beans
  • 2 tablespoons freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons (packed) dark brown sugar
  • 2 teaspoons smoked paprika
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons mustard powder
  • 3/4 teaspoon chili powder
  • 3/4 teaspoon ground ginger


  • 1 2-inch-2 1/4-inch-thick bone-in beef rib eye (about 2-2 1/2 pounds), preferably dry-aged, at room temperature for 1 hour
  • 2 teaspoons kosher salt
  • 4 tablespoons grapeseed or vegetable oil, divided
  • 3 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 1 garlic clove, lightly crushed
  • 4 sprigs thyme
  • 1 sprig rosemary
  • Flaky or coarse sea salt

Spice Rub

  • Mix all ingredients in a medium bowl. Transfer to an airtight container. DO AHEAD: Spice rub can be made 1 month ahead. Store airtight at room temperature.


  • Preheat oven to 400°. Set a wire rack inside a large rimmed baking sheet. Season steak with kosher salt and 2 tablespoons spice rub, pressing onto all sides of meat and adding more spice rub by the teaspoonful if needed to coat entire surface.
  • Heat 2 tablespoons oil in a large cast-iron or other ovenproof skillet over high heat. When oil begins to shimmer, place steak in skillet (be sure to have fan on high; the rub creates some smoke). Sear steak for 1 minute (any longer and the rub will start to burn). Transfer steak to a plate and carefully drain fat from skillet.
  • Wipe skillet clean with a paper towel. Heat remaining 2 tablespoons oil in skillet and sear other side of steak for 1 minute. Add butter, garlic, and herbs to skillet; cook until butter is foamy. Carefully tip skillet and, using a large spoon, baste steak repeatedly with butter for 1 minute. Turn steak and baste other side for 1 minute.
  • Pile herbs on top of steak, transfer skillet to oven, and roast until an instant-read thermometer inserted horizontally into center of meat registers 125° for medium, 15-17 minutes.
  • Transfer steak to prepared rack; let rest for 20 minutes. Cut steak from bone, slice, and sprinkle with sea salt.
  • Recipe by Josef Centeno

Sep 30

Happy release day to Elise Hepner!

AMarriageOfInconvenience72Today is my critique partner’s book birthday! Everyone run out and grab A Marriage of Inconvenience!

Check out an excerpt below:

“Bash? You still here with me?” Her voice cut through his thoughts like a knife through hot butter, and he shifted on the couch and cleared his throat.

“Yeah, I’m sorry, what did you say?” He blinked, but she hadn’t made a move toward him still nursing her coffee with two hands. She wouldn’t turn around until she’d forgiven him, so he anticipated he’d see a good portion of her back through the most of the morning.

“Don’t you want other people at the wedding? People from your side of the family? I mean, if we overlook the fact that this idea is asinine. If we’re really going through with the idea…don’t you want…more?”

A million cheesy lines flashed through his thoughts. Instead, he chose the truth knowing she didn’t deserve anything less for agreeing to put up with his ass for all eternity.

“The only person who I’d want there is dead. Nothing else really matters much.”

She didn’t make a sound, but he could guess that she heard him judging by the slight cock of her head.

“Don’t tell me it’s your ideal wedding, either,” he continued knowing he couldn’t rest too long on the path their train of thought would lead him down. Maybe when the marriage was all said and done, but for now, the idea was too fresh. “I know you’ve always wanted something big, elegant, lavish. A storybook affair. Not a simple ceremony where the only reception smells are antiseptic and bleach.”

Izzy shrugged one shoulder nibbling on her croissant. “We make sacrifices.”

“I would say agreeing to marry me is quite a big sacrifice.” Sebastian couldn’t wipe the ruthless grin off his face even though she wouldn’t turn around to see it.

“I never actually agreed, you know.”

For a beat, they hung there, and he knew it was up to him to make or break the moment.

“You will, though. When I do it right.” He shifted, licked his lips. “And I will do it right, Izobel. I won’t allow this to be one of my regrets, not where you’re concerned.”

“You should have asked me. There was nothing about that ambush that was okay, Sebastian.”

“I know. Believe me, I know.” He exhaled in frustration and draped his arms in between his spread legs groping for the right words that wouldn’t leave him so emotionally exposed. He didn’t think he could handle her seeing him undone today. It would be too much on top of everything else that was flooding his mind as the reality of their nuptials hit him like a freight train. “You know I had a good reason to push you. I did it the wrong way, but for the right reasons.”

“Your mother,” Izzy supplied, voice cracking on the words, slipping on the emotions he was damming up. “You don’t have to go there—“

“A little late for that, love.” Bash linked his hands together and soldiered on knowing that he had to get this out, or Izzy would never understand. Right now, she needed to get it. He tried again. He’d try as many times as it took until she didn’t feel second best for agreeing to his plan. “My mother’s life was full of fear, disgust…maybe hatred. And then she was gone. There were no more chances. She was snuffed out by a sick freak who used her fear like an emotional drug, and she never knew anything else. So I couldn’t live with myself if your mom didn’t have whatever scraps of happiness we can give her before her big send off, because I won’t bury another mother knowing that her last moments were Hell. I can’t take that again.” He blinked and barely breathed because even though it was over the acceptance of his past stung deep into a sudden, sharp ache in the center of his chest. Shit, but there was no help for it.

“It wasn’t your fault. You were a kid—”

“Old enough to call the cops. Old enough to run and get help. There were an unlimited amount of options, and I didn’t choose any of them.” When he scrubbed a hand down his face he wished he could take away the memories. The insistent stab of them made his eye sockets throb with the beginnings of a headache. “The only reason we’re talking about this is because I want you to know I don’t take what I did lightly. Sure, was it impulsive? Absolutely. But it came from the purest place imaginable. I know it’s selfish and demanding, but I need you to forgive me. Do you think you can do that? I don’t know if I can say my vows knowing that you’ve vowed to hate me for the rest of our lives, you know?”

“With a speech like that what do you expect me to say?”

They both fell silent, and he didn’t think he had the strength to look up from the paint-splattered concrete floor. He’d said a hell of a lot more than the last time he’d spilled his guts. A drunken night in college on the anniversary of his mother’s death had led to a good deal of emotional blundering through mine fields. But she’d stayed with him the whole night. Even when he’d begged her to leave. Izzy was good like that, and he couldn’t say he was always the best for her at all—or even the majority of the time.

“Stop internally flogging yourself before I kick your ass. I get it. I don’t like it, but I get it. I won’t pressure you to say anything else about it. Just make sure you show up on time and look pretty.”

Sometimes it took his breath away how she simply knew what he needed in the moment and gave it to him without question. A tentative smile pulled across his cheeks. The barest hint, but it was sure as hell enough to shove the demons back for another five minutes.

“Thank you,” he breathed out. “I know I’m—“

“You’re something, all right.” She helpfully supplied before he felt her warm hand cupping his chin until she jerked his gaze up to meet her shimmering brown eyes. “We’re okay. By no means golden, but we’re okay.”

A couple walnut-colored tendrils curled around her face escaping from her ponytail and he made a fist, unsure if brushing the strands away would lead them on a path he couldn’t see down. He couldn’t afford any more slip-ups. Not and have their friendship survive. For what must have been a single second, but seemed like a thousand heartbeats, he didn’t breathe while her searching gaze crept over his face.

“I love you, you silly asshole.” She squeezed his left hand, as she did every time they went through their ritual.

“The feeling is mutual, damnably perfect wench. Please continue to keep me in check as only you can, okay? We’ve both got issues right now, and I’d rather not give you the short end of the stick because I can’t be a big boy and get over my own shit. If you need me, now isn’t the time to go all soft and gooey.”

“I’m oka—”

“You are so not okay. Don’t play that card with me.” Sebastian met her eyes head on, and this time, she jerked away licking her lips with a quick swipe of her pink tongue. “Don’t play pretend with me. I’ve been through this before, remember?”

“Talking about it isn’t going to change anything. Words aren’t going to make me feel any better,” Frustration leaked out of her tone until his throat tightened, and he squeezed the hand he was still holding on his knee. “There isn’t a quick fix, no magical compartment I can shove all my emotions into and get on with the rest of my day. I don’t have anything left to cope.”

A rush of air left her lungs as if she’d been holding the weight in her chest waiting for just the right time to breathe again.

“You’re not okay,” he supplied trying his best to stay neutral and not rub it in her face.

“No. I’m not. I’m not okay.”

“What do you want to hear?”

“Lies. Feed me blissful lies, Bash.”

“It all gets better with time. The memories fade. Eventually, that sick feeling that migrates underneath your breastbone, that dies away until you can almost take a deep breath, again. The only way out is through, but when you’re through, you’ll be better for having done it.” His thumb idly brushed against her hand, and she glanced back toward him as he noticed the shimmer of tears in her eyes.

This time when he brushed the barest kiss across her cheek, he knew it would be impossible to erase the sensation of her soft, warm skin beneath his lips. He’d be wearing her body heat across his face like an invisible brand. She was always with him, even when she wasn’t.

In that moment, he knew he could make her the happiest woman on earth or rip her world to pieces by his simple existence. It was all a choice.

Sep 23

Wednesday Blogging: When I’m sick – what helps & what doesn’t


Today’s topic is When I’m sick – what helps & what doesn’t. Easy enough, right? You’d think so, considering I work in the health industry. I go to the doctor, I get a scrip, I get better.

Except I hate going to the doctor. It makes my blood pressure sky rocket and I actually feel MORE sick.

So instead, I try everything else first. When I start feeling icky, I double up on the vitamins. B-12, C, D, and echinacea. I drink Gypsy Cold Care tea and Echinacea tea. I take Emergen-C in the morning and at night. I drink more than my usual 80 ounces of water a day. I sleep as much as humanly possible… ANYTHING TO KEEP FROM GOING TO THE DOCTOR.

What doesn’t work? Doing nothing. Working harder (which I usually do anyway, since I’m stubborn).

Check out my blog sisters’ remedies:

Jessica || Bronwyn || Kellie

Sep 22

Lost Treasure is featured on the USA Today HEA blog!

OMG YOU GUYS! I got a text message from Twitter at midnight last night letting me know that a new post had gone up over at the USA Today Happy Ever After blog. The best part? I got the text message because the tweet specifically mentioned me.

That’s right… Lost Treasure was reviewed on USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog! I’m Kermit flailing a little too hard to write a decent blog post, so I’m going to copy and paste what she (the amazing Michelle Monkou) said about LT so I can bask in the glory a little while longer.

Lost Treasure by Paige PrinceLost Treasure by Paige Prince

What it’s about (courtesy of the author):

Danielle Almasi-Epperson’s parents were killed in a tragic car accident when she was eight years old, leaving her world famous, Egyptologist grandfather to raise her in their stead. While she had the pleasure of growing up on archaeological digs, he never believed that the field was a woman’s place. All she’s ever dreamed of is adventure and the kind of love her parents shared.

Jareth Riley was the boy in the tent next door to Danielle’s at every dig she could remember while growing up. Her grandfather and his father labeled him a troublemaker from day one. So, when Danielle and Jareth fall in love and lose their virginity to each other, it takes no time at all for her grandfather to ship her off to Harvard.  

Ten years later, she’s working as a curator at a museum and he’s a treasure hunter. When he shows up on her doorstep asking for help to find a lost artifact with supposed mystical powers, she can’t help but say yes. In no time at all, they’re on the run from mad men with guns and rekindling the romance that had never quite died. Will they be able to restore the lost treasure to the rightful owners, or will they destroy their chance at happiness or lose their lives in the attempt?

Why you should read it: Welcome to the world of the treasure hunter. Lost Treasure by Paige Prince hits with a nostalgic tone that reminds us of our lovable hero Indiana Jones and treasure hunter Benjamin Gates in National Treasure.

Make no mistake, Prince brings her interpretation and originality to the hunter/academic romantic match-up. With an interesting whodunit storyline, along with a race against time (and countries) to find the stolen treasure, suspense is high and the romance is spicy-HAWT to make things interesting.

At the end of the day, Jareth is sexy and a hero.

Sep 20

Cover Reveal: A Marriage of Inconvenience by Elise Hepner

AMarriageOfInconvenience72Izzy Thorton’s mother is dying.

Her best friend, Sebastian Leery, made Izzy’s mother’s dying wish come true.

Now Izzy and Sebastian are getting hitched in a quickie ceremony.

Among the myriad of problems for Izzy including her new husband’s little black book, his workaholic tendencies, and his hidden, although not so secret love of BDSM—she’s actually in love with him. Caught with the task of proving to him that his self-perceived sins hide a man only his secretly submissive best friend could accept, can she convince Bash before he pushes her away for good?

Sebastian Leery’s mother was murdered in front of him.

To spare his best friend pain he’ll renounce his playboy ways.

Now he needs to be a man he never thought he was capable of becoming—for his wife.

But his difficulties have only begun when his demons rise to the surface and tap dance all over his new marriage—with the potential to scare away the most important woman in his life. When Izzy insists she’s in love with him, he yearns to rip off the mask of normalcy, and bare it all so she knows the monster behind the man. Torn between her vision of him and his reality, Sebastian must walk a thin line. Can he convince Izzy that she’s in love with a mirage, without destroying their relationship in the process?

Tied together for life, will they choose to tighten the ropes, or break their bonds for good?

A Marriage of Inconvenience Releases September 30, 2015


“Whoa, easy there, buddy.” Bash laughed. “You can’t kill me with a look, no matter how much you try.”

She came close to clawing out his trachea.

“Where in the hell are we going to find wedding dresses? Where are we going to find a ring? A tux? Someone to marry us? Huh, Einstein? Did you even think this through at all?” she spat out pushing him backward as he stumbled into the wall with a laugh that only infuriated her even more. “It’s not even close to funny!”

“It really, really is, Izzy. Why’d you agree to marry me so soon, anyway? Kind of a strange agreement for someone who’s now pissed about it, wouldn’t you say?”

“Just shut up.” Izobel thrust both hands through her hair and raked her nails down her scalp.

With a huge huff she moved to brush past him and head off to the parking lot before his hand shot out snatching around her wrist. Izobel made a small, strangled noise of surprise.

“Come. Here.”

Two seconds later, she was locked in his arms, surrounded by the inescapable warmth of his muscular, lean build. Her fingers tingled where they pressed into his well-built chest, while she was caught in the deep pools of his blueish-gray eyes. His smirk only intensified as shadows from the overhead lighting played down the to-die-for angles of his cheekbones. Her brain short-circuited as her pulse throbbed in her skull blocking out all other sounds or thoughts.


“No, you shut up,” Bash whispered and kneaded his fingers into her lower back until she had two jelly doughnuts below where her knees used to be. Her eyes must have been wide and epically confused, because he licked his lips with the hint of a smile. “We’re going to do this properly.”

There was a twinge in his voice, a register she’d never heard before that made the hairs on the back of her neck prickle, and a shudder rolled down her spine. Whatever was happening between them, she hadn’t gotten the memo.


“What did I say?” The sudden authority to his tone brooked no argument, and Izobel attempted to pull backward only for him to yank her forward until the last inch between them was history. “Don’t argue with me.”

Forced to confront the buildup of muscular man fantasy she’d been missing out on for years, she was in no way disappointed by the solid warmth pressed up against her from knee to neck. But Sebastian didn’t need to know that. Unfortunately, she was positive her face projected her feelings like the Hubbell telescope on steroids. One of his hands trailed up her back, fingers teasing her sensitive skin through her thin shirt, and she let out a small noise. When he cupped the back of her neck in a show of absolute dominance she stopped breathing.

“I’m going to kiss you. You’re going to kiss me back, do you understand?”

This was it. It was happening. Izobel squeaked, and either Bash didn’t notice or didn’t care because his mouth crushed down on hers, and nothing else mattered.

His tongue swept over her lips demanding entry, and despite her verbal jabs she went pliant in his arms. Boneless beneath his greedy, take charge attitude, Izobel allowed him to ravage her mouth while dizzying desire pooled low in her belly. He was a man used to getting what he wanted—and for a single second, Izzy really liked being what he wanted most of all. Beneath the crushing, delicious torment she became swept up in him. When his fingers tightened to bruising on the back of her neck she repaid him by biting his lower lip until she tasted pennies. But he merely growled, intensifying the kiss. She was drowning in him. Unsure what was real or fantasy as his free hand roamed over her ass and back to her waist as she curled her hands into his motorcycle jacket.

He took advantage of her mouth in every way imaginable until she could only hope to keep up, and the rest of her body screamed for release. She was at his mercy. Aware of every inch of him pressed tight, eager, and ready. Each of his movements was a claim, almost angry in his possession as he took her against him. But there was no part of her that she tried to hold back, to keep safe. Despite her mind’s knowledge that it was a bad idea, her body was all in, uncaring of what happened so long as they stayed locked together for one more second.

She didn’t pull away. Not until she was resting back on her feet and Bash’s hand eased around her hip as if to steady her, still so close she could sense his warm breath on the tip of her nose. The sharp sound of applause broke the moment into a million pieces. They both swiveled around toward the nurses’ station where the employees were clapping and wolf whistling behind the desk giving loud shouts of encouragement.

“There’s no need to stop on our account. That’s the best thing we’ve seen all day.” A passing nurse remarked, tucking back a lock of red hair with a waggle of her eyebrows.

“Shit,” Bash muttered rubbing the back of his neck.

Was he actually embarrassed? Izobel could count on one hand the number of times she’d seen him embarrassed—of course, right now she couldn’t count at all until her head stopped spinning. When she licked her lips, she tasted him. Peppermint, vanilla, and something…masculine. Spicy, maybe? His fingers dug into her hip. But when she looked back into his face, she saw no consciousness of his action.

“Well, at least we know we won’t have one problem in our marriage,” he exhaled and dropped his hand as if he’d suddenly realized he was still touching her and shoved it in his pocket. “I guess you should go back to your car, right? I’ll be over soon. Quick.”

“Uh, sure.” Izobel narrowed her eyes, still not processing much past the tingling of her lips and the streak of pinkish red lighting up Bash’s high cheekbones. “Are you…?”

Bash waved with one hand, turned on his heel, and all but ran in the opposite direction. His long legs made quick work of the never-ending hallway. Before she knew it, she was standing alone with her mouth opening and closing like a fish seeing nothing of her surroundings.

“A word of advice?” A woman wearing scrubs elbowed her in the ribs. “Don’t let that man go, you got it?”

“We’re getting married in two days,” she said in an eerie monotone, still processing the slow burn that was working its way through her veins from his touch.

With that as the start of their new relationship, whatever else she had to look forward to flashed across her brain in a naughty tussle of limbs, lips, tongue, and teeth.

“What have I gotten myself into?” she breathed.

“Something you don’t want out of, trust me,” said the nurse.

But that was the problem, wasn’t it?

Sep 16

Wordless Wednesday: Summer

wordless wednesday



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July10377382_955493114498597_1517844508266634909_n 11737919_954364817944760_8325311471612876920_n 11825131_958609954186913_267695543679652003_n



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Sep 12

Got some news.

I learned about a week or so ago that my publisher, Secret Cravings, is closing its doors. I’m so incredibly saddened to hear this news, since Sandy and the rest of the team at SCP gave me my start in the world of publishing. If it weren’t for them, I’d still be reviewing books, writing stories on the sly, and dreaming of becoming an author.

My novella, SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE, has been taken down from all retailers, and I have removed the book cover from my website as legal proceedings commence. I received my official rights reversion letter just a few days ago, and am now contemplating what to do with the piece that launched me as an author.

As it stands now, it is 10,000 words long. Printed, that’s about 40 pages. So, I have three options:

1) Let it sit on my computer and stay there, forgotten.

2) Post it on my website as a freebie.

3) Expand it, get a brand new cover, and publish it with a new title (because SCAL was a last minute title that I threw out there, thinking that I’d change it before final publication).

I’ll likely go with option 3. I can’t let a story languish in the shadows. I’ve already posted a few freebies on here, and at the end of the day, I’m a businesswoman. I’d eventually like to be able to do this as my day job, and giving all my material away won’t allow me to do that.

So, until I can get the time to work on SCAL, it will remain unavailable. I’m working on my next book, a contribution to an anthology about hunters of various paranormal beasties. I’m also editing for Torquere Press and working on a book for my other pen name.

I don’t lack for things to do, that’s for sure.

Until SCAL is re-released, and my new book, called NEXT LIFETIME, is published, you can always check out LOST TREASURE (link on the sidebar to the right).

Sep 09

Wednesday Randomness: A-Z Recipes


This week’s topic is one that’s near and dear to my heart: food. More specifically: Recipes A-Z. Whether they’re ones we’ve tried before and love or ones we’re dying to make, here’s a list of recipes spanning the alphabet from my kitchen to yours:

Apple pie - my personal favorite and the one thing my family knows to steer clear of me when I’m craving (it’s my comfort food)

Beef & broccoli in the crock pot – the crock pot is seriously one of my favorite inventions. I don’t have time to make dinner after I get home most days. I’m too tired (or let’s face it: too lazy). The crock pot rides to the rescue! Beef and broccoli is a family favorite.

Chicken Bombs - I’m not usually one for jalapenos, but if you scrape out everything in the middle (that makes it spicy) and use the outer shell for flavoring like in this dish, they’re pretty delicious.

Cowboy Candy - Yes, I’m doing 2 Cs. Because I can. And because this one is too delicious not to be shared. I’ve seriously sat at a party and eaten nothing but this before. Don’t judge me. It’s a kind of corn dip with other deliciousness. Looks a little weird, but tastes divine. Trust me.

Dump cake – it sounds gross, but it’s delicious, I promise you. This recipe varies slightly from the way that I do it. I don’t use any kind of nuts (I hate walnuts and pecans, and anything else would taste really weird) and I don’t use coconut. But the rest is spot on. I’ve been known to eat almost an entire pan, by myself, in my *ahem* shall we say heftier days.

Eclair Cake - I made this during my last semester of college for the techs at the hospital I did my last rotation at. I don’t think that poor cake lasted longer than an hour once it was opened. But it was tasty!

Fajiladas – Fajitas and Enchiladas mixed together. Sounds yummy. Only, I’d have to make the Texan gravy famous in our Tex Mex restaurants rather than the red sauce everyone tops enchiladas with, since no one in our family likes it. And the gravy recipe? That’s a secret. Sorry, guys.

Gnocchi with sage and cheese sauce – I haven’t tried this one yet, but I love gnocchi, so hopefully it comes out as delicious as it looks!

Lamb (roasted rack of) - I love lamb in an almost unhealthy way. I’m determined to learn how to make it properly so we don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for me to have a single dinner.

Spinach Lasagna Rolls – I’ve been making these in one form or another for over 10 years now. Always a huge hit. So many ways to make them your own.

Tuscan soup - we’re huge fans of Italian food and soup is always a hit on a cold day. Can’t wait for the chilly weather to return!


Okay, I didn’t finish my A-Z list. That’s a lot of recipes!!  And I’m updating this at lunch from work because apparently my Scheduled post didn’t go live when I scheduled it.

Want to see what my blogging sisters have chosen? Click the links below:

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Aug 17

#RUDC15 Scavenger Hunt

One of the main goals of Reading Until Dawn Con is to give our readers a chance to get silly and have fun with our authors. We’ve got a full schedule of games planned for October… but we thought it would be great to get the party started a little early. That’s right… some of us Featured Authors and Bloggers are getting a head start on the fun times and hosting a SCAVENGER HUNT!

Authors and bloggers will be posting their logo/game graphics from August 17th through the 21st, and Reading Until Dawn Con will accept entry emails through August 25th. Since the Scavenger Hunt IS a game, there has to be a prize, right?? One grand prize winner will win DINNER WITH OUR EMCEE, DARYNDA JONES at Reading Until Dawn Con!! That’s right, just you and Darynda, chilling out and chatting over a meal, our treat. We’ll also have four runner up winners, who’ll each receive special book and swag packs from a few of the Featured Authors.

So… who’s ready to start playing?? If you haven’t registered for Reading Until Dawn Con, now’s the time to get that done, so you’re ready to enter to win a meal with Darynda!

Good luck, everyone… and happy hunting!

Scavenger Hunt Details:

There are twenty (20) logo/game graphics hidden on 20 of the feature author and bloggers websites. A schedule is posted at Reading Until Dawn Con, so you can see who will have their graphic up on which dates. All you have to do to play, is check out the website and/or blog posts of each of the authors or bloggers on their scheduled date. Keep track of who has which graphic, then once you have all 20, just email your list, along with the name/address you used when you registered for Reading Until Dawn Con, to ReadingUntilDawnCon @gmail.com with the following information

RUDC.SH.SpoonsAre you registered for Reading Until Dawn Con this October in Denver, Colorado? If not, why not?! Join us for fun, games, snacks and possibly pants-optional dancing.

REGISTRATION is now open! Come party with the authors who keep you up all night.

Be sure to keep up with all things Reading Until Dawn, by following it via your own personal social media drug of choice: Facebook |Twitter | Google+ | Up All Night Reading Challenge | Pinterest | Tumblr | RSVP at the Facebook Event.

Jul 27

CHECK IT OUT! Hope for Tomorrow by Lei Carol and Eric Thornton


Jed Hendrix has always put family first, doing whatever means necessary to take care his mother and younger brothers to provide for them- even if it meant breaking the law. When things catch up and he ends up in the back of a cop car with cuffs on, the last thing he expected was to be given leniency from the judge and sent to a work release ranch.


Bryson Sandreaux is a horse tamer at Second Chance Ranch. A hardworking cowboy, he doesn’t suspect he would be working with a traumatically damaged man who has more issues than Bryson could keep up with.


Between the two of them, there is tension, but definitely attraction. Is there a chance for love? Or would it all fall apart at the seams?



  • Publication Date: July 21, 2015
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B012A2K56E


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