Paige Prince is the alter ego of Rhyann Harris, erotic romance author, editor, drinker of coffee, and binger of Netflix. Based in a suburb of Houston, Texas, Paige is happily married to her very own romance hero, and they’re raising their very own little heroine… or hellraiser. They’re not entirely sure which side she’s chosen yet.

You can find Paige avoiding work on Facebook, or chatting up her friends on Twitter. Paige also writes taboo erotic romance under the name Rhyann Harris.


I’ve been accused of being a social media addict, and well… it’s true. I’m frequently found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, or checking my email. I love talking about books, writing, clothes, movies, TV, music, cooking… whatever. My schedule is a bit hectic at the moment, so I may take a day or two to …

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