Jan 25

The worst place I’ve ever been stuck


Either I’ve blocked out all the times I’ve been stuck somewhere awful, or I’ve led a charmed(ish) life, because I honestly can’t remember being stuck in a place that would qualify as the “worst.”

Well, unless you count boot camp. That wasn’t all peaches and cream. Granted, if I weren’t so damn broken, I’d go back in a heartbeat. Yeah, you read that right. Being away from my family SUCKED and I was on my own for the first time in my life, so I was a terrified little 19 year old. But there were so many great things about it. Losing all that weight and coming out a size 6 for the first time IN MY LIFE was pretty awesome, too.

Related image

What wasn’t awesome? I went in the middle of July, and it was 114 degrees almost every day. Toward the end, it started to get cold, because unlike Texas, Illinois experiences actual seasons with actual snow, but I mostly remember the blazing heat. Even being a Texan can’t get you used to those kind of temperatures. Any time it went past… I forget what the threshold was. Astoundingly high, for people always running and marching in long sleeved utilities, but yeah, any time it went past that threshold, we were on a “red flag day” which meant we weren’t allowed to go outside longer than to just walk to our next school session or to chow. Yeah, it was THAT HOT.

Image result for RTC great lakesThere were also 79 other girls in my compartment (that’s what they call the bay you live in where you sleep on uncomfortable AF bunk beds that could’ve doubled as torture devices. And yes, I can make my bed so tight you can bounce a quarter off it. I just choose not to. Just like I choose to wear black and purple and blood red nail polish… because you can’t while you’re in uniform and I’m still rebelling against that authority, LOL.

Anyway. That’s the worst place I’ve been stuck.Days so hot, you could fry an egg on the concrete, people screaming in your face when you fuck up (and you fuck up a LOT, no matter who you are–it’s part of the process in becoming a Sailor), endless classes that are so boring they could use it to put screaming children to sleep but if you fall asleep you have to do PT as punishment until the instructor gets tired… yeah, that part, I don’t miss so much. And OH GOD THE HAIRCUT. My hair was already short when I got there, but they chopped it more. And it was soooooooo uneven. I’m surprised you can’t see it in my boot camp picture. No, you can’t see it.

Apparently, they’re no longer requiring women to cut their hair when they get to boot camp. They can wear their hair long as long as it stays in regs. To that, I say UNFAIR. And AWESOME.

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Jan 18

Musical Musings



This one wasn’t easy for me. I love music. LOOOOOVE. My husband is a musician. My father is a musician. My grandfather is a musician. Hell, my dad used to fall asleep on Willie Nelson’s pool table while my grandfather was jamming in the living room with Willie. He even told me that he used to play guitar with Buddy Holly.  So, to say I have music in my blood is putting it mildly.

I’m the black sheep of the family in that I don’t play an instrument (anymore–I played the flute in 6th grade and even made 1st chair), but I do sing. All the time. It kind of drives the hubs a bit crazy, especially since Monkey has developed my love of singing too. As I was trying to think about what songs to put in this list, she was singing in the kitchen while she was doing the dishes.

See? It’s in my blood.

Also, with the exception of #3, you should probably assume that this is just my favorite of the moment. It changes almost hourly. :)



3.) SONG I LOVE TO SING ALONG WITH - Yeah, I cheated. This is my playlist for songs I love to sing along to. I call it the karaoke playlist, because I’ll likely make a YouTube video of me singing these songs sooner or later.


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Jan 11

Promptly Penned – Jan 2017



The prompt: S/he showed up at his/her door, soaking wet, bruised and covered in glitter.

He showed up at her door, soaking wet, bruised and covered in glitter. Water dripped from his hair, a smirk on his puffy lips.

Sighing, she simply held the door open for him to enter. “You’ve got to stop appearing like this. You know you’re always welcome in my home. You don’t have to be bleeding.”

“But you’re my healer. If I weren’t harmed in some way, you’d wonder what’s wrong with me.” He plopped down onto the couch as she moved to grab herbs from the kitchen cabinet. “Or have nothing to do beyond try to get me into your bedroom.” He winced when his wide grin opened the cut on his mouth.

“Serves you right,” she said, sitting on the ottoman across from him. He automatically spread his legs to allow her to be as close as she could–to work, of course. “First, I’m a healer. Not your healer. Just because you’re the main one prancing through my door every week doesn’t make me yours. And second” –she got a little thrill when he jumped at the sting of the salve she applied to one of his many bruises– “I’ve never attempted to get you into my bed. Judging from the fairy dust all over you, it wouldn’t take much to get you there, even if I wanted you. But Tink and I have an agreement–we don’t mess with each other’s sloppy seconds.”



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Jan 04

Top 10 Things I’m Proud Of


Today’s post involves the top 10 things I’m proud of. When I saw the topic, I have to admit I panicked. I’m not overly proud of much beyond my family and the fact that I’ve managed to write a few books. I think I’m just not overly sentimental… and I can’t always remember things offhand, especially when put under pressure to make a list.

IMG_50401. My kid. She’s the light of my life and the love of my heart. She drives me up the damn wall on a daily basis, but I’m pretty sure that’s her job (and believe me, she’s good at it). Monkey is so smart and funny and KIND. She always wants to be sure that everyone is included and having a good time, that everyone has enough. But she has to be the boss (okay, that’s me showing in her–I was a bit of a bossypants growing up).





2. My husband. Most of the time I complain about him because we tend to focus on the negative more than the IMG_9352positive. He’s annoying and can be pretty damn rude and there are times when I’d really like to smother him with a pillow. But he’s also generous and he’s taken care of Monkey and me since day one. He’s the general manager of the largest lock shop in Houston and has managed to bring their annual earnings up to… a lot. I don’t know, because when he talks business I tend to tune out (as I’m certain he does when I start talking books. How did I end up with a non-reader?). He works damn hard to provide for us and loves us both at the end of the day despite our antics. lol




3. My books! Somehow I’ve managed to write four (Paige) books and am starting work on the fifth today. How is that even possible??


lost treasure next lifetime CIMYF 36hours185 firstweekend185 Detoured Cover Night at the Movies RTR


4. My friends. Yes, I’m absolutely 100% proud of my friends. Strong, wonderful, amazing women who don’t wear capes (that I’m aware of, anyway) but I’d happily bestow the title of SuperWoman on them any day. Teachers, daycare providers, x-ray techs, stay-at-home moms, lawyers, nurses, pet groomers, authors, opera singers… the list of their jobs is wide and varied, but they all go to work and do their jobs, giving more than 100% because that’s what we as women do. And then we come home and do all the mom/wife stuff. Cook, clean, make sure homework is done, clothes are clean for the next day… Several of them pull this stuff off with chronic (hidden) illnesses and unbearable pain. And yet they keep on keepin’ on.

5. Graduating college. I went back to school after I got out of the Navy and was frequently one of the oldest students in every class (if not THE oldest). At 30, I graduated college and became an x-ray tech. As a tech, I was able to teach incoming students some of the skills I’d acquired and hopefully passed on my love of patient care to them as well. I do miss the teaching part of x-ray and the caring for patients part. But I definitely don’t miss the physical aspect wherein I tear a rotator cuff or cause two discs in my back to bulge and press on my spinal cord.


6. Paige Prince Editing. It’s still a fledgling business, but it’s a business nonetheless. I started PPE last year and my client list has grown little by little. It’s still expanding, but I have a few regular clients whom I adore working with and have just signed on that I’m excited to begin editing for.

unnamed smaller

7. Liz Crowe’s Love Brothers anthology. I had the opportunity to be included with 15 other amazing authors in this fabulous anthology set in Lucasville, Kentucky, the fictional town where a family by the name of Love resides. My contribution also kicked off the series I’m writing with Deelylah Mullin, Mercy General, about a hospital here in Houston.


8. Paige Tyler’s Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World. I was recently accepted to write in Paige Tyler’s Kindle World and I couldn’t be more excited!! My title with DF&R will release in July.


9. Sable Hunter’s Hell Yeah! Kindle World. I was also recently accepted to write in Sable Hunter’s Kindle World. I’m starting to feel like a legit writer! LOL


10. Finishing this list! I’m only mostly kidding. When I first started the list, I thought, “There’s no way in hell I can think of TEN things I’m proud of!” Like I said, I’m not overly sentimental.


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Jan 02

Flash Fiction: Northern Lights

FlashFicPHOTOFirst photo flash fiction of the year, yay! The picture is beautiful, yay! And I have no idea what to write about, FUCK!

So, after talking to the lovely and uber-talented Siobhan Muir for all of ten seconds (I told you she’s talented), she helped me come up with what to write today. Thank you Siobhan! *blows kisses* You’re the bestest.


I shivered as I looked out the window. Bright green and purplish lights danced before my eyes, entrancing me with their beauty. Glancing over at my sister, I nearly called out to her to share the vision before me, but decided I should probably let her be. We’d gotten into a screaming match just a few hours earlier, and she was still barely even looking at me.

We’d been trapped in this tiny tin can for far too long, and had all begun to grate on each other’s nerves. My father, Captain Ogden Nash, had grown tired of my complaints  that I felt like a tiny fish crammed in too tight a space and banished me to the bow. My fight with Isobel had ensured I’d stay there for quite a while.

I hated traveling so far to begin with, but to have to share the same air as all four of my siblings day in and day out? Unacceptable.

The lights on the horizon were the signal we’d been searching for, however, and my sister–the eldest of the lot, and Father’s favorite… or so I thought, due to Isobel’s status as First Mate after our mother’s death–sounded the alarm that we’d be preparing to land soon.

Jax, Kalvin, and Kaidan, my younger brothers, scrambled to get to their seats, sounding like a herd of wild animals as their little feet pounded against the deck. I, however, remained transfixed on the view out the tiny window. The lights seemed to have a mind of their own–and they almost appeared happy to see us.

“Rivyn!” Kaidan, my youngest brother at only five years of age, bounced in his seat. His gray eyes, so much like our mothers, shone with the kind of excitement only a child was capable of experiencing. Undoubtedly, he couldn’t wait to get out of this tin can, either. “What do you see? Is there land? Water? Can you see any ana… ani… pet things?”

Kaidan sometimes had trouble remembering words when he got too excited, and he was practically vibrating with it.

I looked out again, squinting my eyes to try to get a better view. Nothing moved on the surface. However, I did see small balls of glowing golden… something appear on the surface.

“Father!” I called to the bridge. “Can you see those shiny glowing things?”

“Yes, Rivyn. I do. Though, I can’t tell what they are yet. They’re oddly shaped. Like eggs? Or balls?” Father flipped a switch to slow the ship’s speed. “I guess we’ll find out when we land.”

He was always so damn calm about everything.

As he’d done hundreds of times before, Father set the ship down so smoothly, I barely felt a shift under my feet. He’d been the best ship captain in the entire fleet until Mother’s death, when he retired to care for us. I often wondered if he missed it.

“All right kids,” Father said, unstrapping his lap belt. “The air is primarily oxygen here, so it may feel a bit like breathing through wet clothes, but as long as you don’t do anything too strenuous, you’ll get used to it rather quickly.”

Jax piled his long blue locks on top of his head, securing it with a stick shoved through the base. He’d learned that trick at the last place we visited from a girl he’d liked. Marcy had been so enamored with his naturally azure hair that she rarely had her hands away from it. “Kaidan, do you need help?”

Our smallest, but most stubborn brother held his hands up to hold Jax at bay. “I can do it myself!” He said, scrambling out of his chair and shoving his feet into his tiny little boots.

“It’s so beautiful! Come here Rivyn.” Isobel held a hand out for me to take, always wanting to lead me around everywhere like I was still a child. “You won’t believe the lamps all around us! It’s like they were expecting us!”

We made our way down the ramp side-by-side. The glowing orbs I’d seen from the ship surrounded us, unmoving and somehow obviously not part of the original landscape.

Kalvin, the self-proclaimed scientist of us all, made his way over to one of the circular objects lying on the ground. It was routine to scan the land before setting the ship down, so Kalvin showed no fear as he approached the giant object, pressing his hand to the surface.

“It’s warm!” He said, his voice filled with awe. “And hard.” Kalvin gently tapped the glowing orb with a fingertip. “It almost feels…” He jumped back when the ball shifted toward him. “I barely touched it!”

Father held a hand out and motioned for Kalvin to come back. “Get away from that thing, son. You don’t know what it is.”

Kalvin’s boot crunched against the dirt as he began walking toward our group. “This is going to sound crazy, but I swear it feels like an…”

The earth below us began to shake, knocking Kalvin down with a strangled cry. Father sprang into action, leaping for my brother and grasping his hand before speeding back to our family. Kaidan swiped at his cheeks with the sleeve of his suit, looking determined not to show how scared he was. I touched the top of his head in a comforting gesture before moving to check on Kalvin. I didn’t want Kaidan to think I was babying him.

A loud boom sounded behind me, and I flung myself to the ground in fear that the planet wasn’t as deserted as Father had thought, and we were under attack by the natives. But the only thing hitting me was the dust I’d unsettled floating back down.

I turned to look for the source of the sound, only for my jaw to drop in shock. The glowing orb Kalvin had touched just moments before had a huge crack running through the center, and it was moving.

“Kalvin?” I asked, reaching out to grab whichever younger siblings’ hands I could grasp. “What were you going to say?”

The top of the orb seemed to splinter before our eyes, cracks spiderwebbing their way over the entire surface.

“An egg.” Kalvin gulped a lungful of thick, difficult-to-breathe air. “It felt like an egg.”

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Dec 28

Wednesday Blogging: 2016 in review/2017 plans



2016 has been an interesting year, that’s for sure. In February, I attended the Coastal Magic Convention in Florida with my writing partner Deelylah. I got to see several of my old friends and meet many new ones.

As far as writing, I re-released STAY, formerly known as Second Chance at Love. I officially announced my second pen name and re-released three of those books after giving them a thorough edit, new covers, and new names. December 15, I was part of an anthology surrounding the world Liz Crowe built in her Love Brothers series, and my story kicked off the Mercy General series I’m co-writing with Deelylah Mullin.

In May, I quit my job to write and edit full time. A few months later, I left the publisher I was editing for and began working for Dreamspinner Press. This is a pretty recent development, but I’m pretty happy at DSP so far.

After… entirely too long promising I was going to start a newsletter, I finally did it. YAY! I’m trying to do the thing where I actually engage readers and try to promote my work. I also hired a PA to help me with that kind of stuff, since I”m horrible at doing anything that asks people to buy things or pay attention to me any longer than a few seconds.

Yesterday, I decided to go through my office and get a little more organized. I printed up some blog stuff, including the schedule for 2017. I’m a visual person, and sometimes just seeing it on my computer isn’t enough for me. I also printed 2016′s schedule just to see how many posts I missed… and I missed more than a few. Not happy about that, especially since one of my goals last year was not to miss any posts. I’m not going to make that same resolution this year, because things happen and God knows I’ve learned that we can’t control circumstances. At all.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia earlier this year, and I have a lot of thoughts about that. First: Well hell. That explains so much. Second: Why the hell wasn’t this diagnosed sooner? I’m on 2 new medications to try to deal with the fibro, but I still have bad days. I’ve been sick quite a bit too, battling the flu for the first time in YEARS. I got my flu shot, but apparently my immune system didn’t care about that.

2016 was a battle of emotion for me. My particular type of bipolar disorder leans toward the depressive phase more than mania, and with countless losses, the worst presidential race in history (with regards to people losing their damn minds and being so heartless to one another if, God forbid, we supported the “wrong candidate”), several personal losses and setbacks, being sick every time I turned around… 2016 wasn’t an easy year, and I’ll be happy to see it go. I’m choosing to be optimistic and say that 2017 will be better. This year may have taken a lot from us, but I still have hope, at least.

Next year’s goals are mostly writing-based. I actually have a firm set of plans in place to write. If all goes well, I’ll have 7 books written, 5 books edited, and all the things done. Extremely ambitious, yes, but working from home allows me time to work on my own books more as well as doing my private edits and working for Dreamspinner.

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Dec 21

Holiday Greetings

Today’s blog post is titled “holiday greetings.” I was going to ask the rest of the blog group exactly what we were supposed to post, but I was babysitting and got distracted by the urge to find all the alcohol on the planet (I didn’t, but I did end up stress baking some pretty delicious chocolate cupcakes) so I forgot.

So, I’m writing this post late, and will likely have to beg the other bloggers to add my link to their posts tomorrow (if I remember because I’m babysitting again).

I’m not graphically inclined in any way, so I used my Google Fu skills so find something pretty and post it here. I’m wishing you and yours the happiest of holiday seasons, no matter what you celebrate.

Related image


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Dec 15

*fangirl flails* Liz Crowe read my book! Here’s what she thought…

*fangirl flails* Liz Crowe mini-reviewed my contribution to the CELEBRATE! Love Brothers Holiday Anthology!

Here’s the blurb:

Detoured CoverKatherine “Katie” Molloy is in trouble. She desperately needs continuing education credits to maintain her professional license, but the only class available within the timeframe allotted is several states away. The most catastrophic computer failure to hit the airline industry in history has grounded every single flight leaving Houston for days and by the time all flights are rescheduled, the conference will be over.

Dr. Vincent Bauer comes to Katie’s rescue when he offers to drive them both to the conference, since he was scheduled to attend, as well. Unfortunately, his brand new car breaks down more than a hundred miles from their destination, stranding them in Lucasville, Kentucky.

Just as things begin to heat up between the radiology department manager and the good doctor, strange things begin to happen, causing them to think the break down might not have been so coincidental, after all. Can the Love Brothers get the car fixed before they’re permanently Detoured?

Here are Liz’s thoughts about my novella DETOURED:

This is a “road trip romance,” complete with a sexy doc who finds his nerdy soulmate in the strong-as-nails radiology department manager when their forced to hit the road by car to make a continuing education conference. I really enjoyed the way Ms. Prince set up the two for the ultimate hookup in a hotel when their car breaks down in Lucasville. While it’s really only one Love brother who’s a mechanic, he does fix the car and discovers something sinister going on with Dr. Dreamboat’s ex-girlfriend.

Here’s a little of what #LizLoves in excerpt #1:

After righting myself, I reached to make sure the woman I’d nearly bowled over was okay. She was already turning to check on me, and somehow I ended up flat on my ass, covered in spinach, and staring up at Katie Molloy, who looked like she was trying her best not to laugh.

Shit. Fuck. Damn. Way to look cool in front of the girl Bauer. Now, try to get up without tripping over yourself again.

You want to convince her that you’re safe to ride in a car with for days on end. Showing her that you’re also kind of a dork when she’s around isn’t the best way to do that.

“Dr. Bauer, are you okay?” She leaned down to give me a hand, her long blonde braid falling from behind her to dangle between us. The scent of her shampoo wafted toward me—apples.

How much of a bastard did it make me if that smell made me want to take a bite out of her ass?

Katie is a dyed-in-the-wool TV and pop culture nerd and plenty of references to Supernatural, Star Wars, The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, and plenty of others pepper the story.

Here’s one, in the form of a #LizLoves excerpt #2:

Vince appeared to be mentally debating whether he should sit on the recliner or the bed. Rather than sitting in the chair—which was placed by the head of the bed—he removed his shoes and sat by my feet, facing me. It didn’t look remotely comfortable, but this would give us a better chance to talk. Which of course, I tactfully avoided by asking what kind of movie he wanted to watch.

“I think I’m in the mood for a comedy, how about you?” He crossed one long leg over the other allowing me to catch a glimpse of his Dexter’s Lab socks.

“I didn’t even know they made Dexter’s Lab socks!” I said, pointing excitedly. “Where do you get them? I need a pair of those in my life.” Lifting my pants leg, I showed him my Invader Zim-covered feet. Gir was a personal obsession of mine. “When Cayleigh calls, the doom song plays. And when she texts, Gir says ‘taco, taco, taco!’ because…well we love tacos.”

He shook his head, causing a few strands of his thick, dark hair to fall into his eyes. Resisting the urge to touch him was like Anakin Skywalker resisting the Dark Side—a losing battle.

Want a chance to read DETOURED? Grab CELEBRATE! A Love Brothers Holiday Anthology today! It’s only $0.99 until January, when the price goes up!

Amazon US - http://a.co/gMRLX0y
Amazon UK - http://amzn.eu/iTjR4D5
Amazon CA - http://a.co/b6Qr3De
Amazon AU - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01MSY37DT/#
BN: http://bit.ly/2ht2wzX
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2hsUhE7
iBooks - https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1185120129

Dec 08

Cover Reveal: Detoured


7 more days until CELEBRATE! A Love Brothers Anthology is available!

Join 16 best-selling, award-winning authors as they bring their own unique stories to this critically acclaimed, Amazon best-selling, family saga-style romance series by Liz Crowe.

Everything from breweries, wineries, distilleries and race car drivers, to EMTs, Olympic athletes, cops, and serious second chances—PLUS a brand new Love Brothers story from Liz herself—can be found in this amazing collection of novellas from some of your favorite romance story-tellers.

Available December 15, 2016, everywhere ebooks are sold, the CELEBRATE Anthology is the perfect holiday romance reading treat—and is only around for a limited time.

Don’t miss your chance to feel the holiday love—Love Brothers style!

Check out the LANDING PAGE for the collection and our GOODREADS page.

The title for the novella I contributed is DETOURED. It not only ties into Liz Crowe’s Love Brothers world, but also begins a new series I’m co-writing with Deelylah Mullin (who also appears in the Love Brothers anthology). And here is my gorgeous cover (created by the amazing Kris Norris):

Detoured Cover

Katherine “Katie” Molloy is in trouble. She desperately needs continuing education credits to maintain her professional license, but the only class available within the timeframe allotted is several states away. The most catastrophic computer failure to hit the airline industry in history has grounded every single flight leaving Houston for days and by the time all flights are rescheduled, the conference will be over.


Dr. Vincent Bauer comes to Katie’s rescue when he offers to drive them both to the conference, since he was scheduled to attend, as well. Unfortunately, his brand new car breaks down more than a hundred miles from their destination, stranding them in Lucasville, Kentucky.


Just as things begin to heat up between the radiology department manager and the good doctor, strange things begin to happen, causing them to think the break down might not have been so coincidental, after all. Can the Love Brothers get the car fixed before they’re permanently Detoured?

*Edited by Sunnie Andrews and Elise Hepner*



Dec 07

Nostalgic Notes: Toys



I’m not normally super sentimental over things. I have boxes of mementos from my childhood–mostly things my mother saved for me that she thought I’d want when I got older, and I likely will when I want to show Monkey, but I don’t ever get the urge to sort through the boxes to wander down Memory Lane.

So when this prompt came up, I immediately went, “Huh… I have no idea what to post about.”

And then I forgot about the post, and it went live with nothing on it because I’m a dork like that. But it also gave me time to think about things. And I actually came up with stuff! Go me!

Image result for cricket doll

I know a lot of people used their Cricket and teddy Ruxbin dolls (both of which Twin and I had) to play tapes of Ozzy and stuff when they were older, and it was hilarious (okay, it was) but the reason I remember it best is because I got my Cricket doll for Christmas in 1986 when he was stuck in Texas Children’s Hospital for a year battling Burkitt’s Lymphoma. We walked down to the toy room to play, and when we got back, “Santa” had arrived. Twin also got this giant stuffed purple monster with gold horns that reminds me a lot of Ludo from Labyrinth, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it’s really called or find a picture of it. Sadface.

Image result for transformers optimus prime toy 1986

This probably isn’t the same toy, since it was the 80s when we had it and Googling “1980s Optimus Prime toy” doesn’t actually bring up anything from the 80s. But it was about as tall as we were (we were like 5 or so, so we were shorties) and we loved the hell out of that thing. It transformed and everything. I’m pretty sure we broke it pretty quick, cause we were destructive little shits, but that’s what happens when you give kids toys with moving parts.

Image result for monkey toy sucks thumb

Our uncle got us one of those monkey dolls that suck their thumbs when he was stationed in Germany. I’m sure it has a name, though I don’t know what it is. I carried that thing with me EVERYWHERE. It was the first doll I actually cared about.

Image result for gi joe action figure 1980

I had a twin brother, so boy toys were my thing. My mom tried SO HARD to get me into Barbie dolls, but I didn’t want anything to do with that mess. Gimme GI Joe and ThunderCats any day. And we totally had these action figures, btw.

Vintage 1983 Masters Of The Universe Castle of GraySkull, SNAKE MOUNTAIN Play Set Toy, HE-Man, 1980's Skeletor, 80's Toys, Action Figures

Castle Grayskull. We spent HOURS rescuing dumbass princesses who couldn’t get their shit together from Skeletor and whatever Bad Guy of the Month we came up with. And for some reason, Twin always wanted to be a giant cat. *shrugs* Guess that’s why he’s the cat person and I have dogs. LOL

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