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I used to write prompts for my creative writing class as well as the creative writing club (of which I was president). I won’t ever do anything with them, but I had fun writing them.

Flash Fiction

9 March 2016: Promptly Penned – No Abduction Policy 7 March 2016: Photo Prompt – Handprint in the Steam 1 February 2016: Photo Prompt – Man on the dock 18 January 2016: Song Prompt – Creep 13 January 2016: Promptly Penned – Choices  4 January 2016: Flash Fiction - At the Park 21 December 2015: Flash …

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Raining You

He woke up reaching for her. After a particularly good dream, he would always pull her into his arms and slowly wake her up by making gentle, but passionate love to her. He’d tangle his fingers in her hair, claim her mouth with his own, and slip inside her, never able to be close enough …

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The Break Up

Eric promised to come to practice with me today. I know it can’t be very exciting, I’m just the assistant coach, but it’s important to me. I’m actually helping out my boss and I get to introduce my very hot boyfriend to my co-workers. Win. When I pick him from his apartment, he seems very …

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