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May 17

Musical Musings: parents, siblings, and childhood

  This month’s musical musings post focuses on things that remind me of my parents, siblings, and childhood. Being the obsessive music person that I am, this list will undoubtedly be damn long. Because music is an integral part of my life, and I use it as a reference point for pretty much everything in my …

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Sep 09

In loving memory

It’s no secret that our family is a tight one. I was blessed to grow up physically and emotionally close to each of my aunts, learning from them and growing into the woman I am today because of their guidance and love. They say it takes a village to raise a child. I think my …

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Mar 02

Wednesday blogging: Monkey takes over


  This week’s topic: If your child/spouse/pet/family member took over your blog for a day, what would it say? Hi I’m Monkey! I do lots of interesting things. Like at my daycare, I do karate. I’m an orange belt. I’m learning how to use nunchucks. I’m actually really good with them. Also, I love doing karate. …

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Oct 05

Trying something new: coffee rubbed steak


So, I bought some steaks to make for Mr Prince, who absolutely loves his red meat. Unfortunately, our grill is out of commission, and our usual “salt, pepper, and garlic” method isn’t going to cut it this time. Even if it’s started in a cast iron skillet and finished in the oven. So, I went on …

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Apr 07

Music Monday: Replay by Zendaya

I know this is a Disney star singing and dancing, but there’s just something so catchy about the chorus. I find myself singing it over and over. Possibly because my daughter is obsessed with this song, so we end up dancing around the living room together – yet another reason for me to like it. …

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Jun 15

Summer Lovin

It’s summer time in the Prince household. Well, it’s summer for Monkey. Me, I’m still in school and probably will be for the rest of my life. But she’s been out of school for a week and is having a blast. Her daycare is doing a summer camp type thing and they’ve got field trips …

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May 01

Epic procrastination, school, work, and quiche

I blogged over at Limecello’s today talking about my epic procrastination habit. I would’ve mentioned it this morning but I forgot to ask when it was going live and I haven’t been near my computer today. I think I’m having laptop withdrawals, actually. We had an exam today. The last of the new material we’re …

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Feb 03

Is it really already February?

I can’t believe it’s already February. Where did January go?? I guess the saying “time flies” is absolutely correct, because it feels like January just flew right by! School is going well for the most part. I made a 100 on my first government quiz, but it was just a quiz over the syllabus and …

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Nov 10

I’m not lazy and I’m not dead.

I’ve been writing blogs in my head over and over again, but I haven’t really had the time to actually sit down and type up all my rambling thoughts. I have one more month left in this semester, so things are getting down to crunch time. I had three tests in three days Sunday, Monday, …

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