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Nov 09

Wednesday Blogging: Promptly Penned – Outcome Engineer


This week’s promptly penned managed to fit into the WIP I’m working on for the first part of my NaNo project, which is also a novella I plan to release within the Love Brothers Holiday box set along with 15 other brilliant authors (including fellow blogger Deelylah Mullin!) Person A: She smiled a little. “You’re a manipulator.” …

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May 02

Picture prompt: Wet road

This month’s prompt made me think entirely too much of the weather that’s been plaguing us of late. Houston has been hit with several days of rain, causing disastrous flooding around the city. So, rather than write something dark like I tend to do with images like this, I decided to write something more fun. …

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Nov 02

November photo writing prompt

11-2015 - AbandonedBarn

This is where I’d normally write a prompt about the picture above, which reminds me vaguely of the blacksmith shop from Pirates of the Caribbean, but I worked an overnight shift last night–which turned out to be an extra hour because of daylight savings ending–and I only slept for about 2 hours today. I’m going …

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Sep 04

Getting ahead of myself

I started doing edits on the story I’m working on for Samhain’s Springtime Romance Anthology and about 3 pages in I realized that there was more red than black on the page. I knew that I’d basically have to start over because I wanted to change from first person to third person POV, but I …

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