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Jan 04

Top 10 Things I’m Proud Of


Today’s post involves the top 10 things I’m proud of. When I saw the topic, I have to admit I panicked. I’m not overly proud of much beyond my family and the fact that I’ve managed to write a few books. I think I’m just not overly sentimental… and I can’t always remember things offhand, …

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Dec 07

Nostalgic Notes: Toys


  I’m not normally super sentimental over things. I have boxes of mementos from my childhood–mostly things my mother saved for me that she thought I’d want when I got older, and I likely will when I want to show Monkey, but I don’t ever get the urge to sort through the boxes to wander …

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Nov 23

Wednesday blogging: I’m thankful for…


  So, 2016 hasn’t been an awesome year. In fact, it’s been a downright crappy one. But there are still plenty of things I’m grateful for. I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter, a cuddly puppy that loves me more than anyone, a job that I love, my brothers and sister are all in …

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May 18

Wordless Wednesday: Funny


  Want to see what the other ladies find funny? Click the links below: Bronwyn || Jessica || Kellie || Gwen

Mar 22

Happy Birthday JJ Watt!

To my favorite Texan… (Even though you’re not actually a Texan, you play some pretty damn good football, so we’ll keep you)  

Feb 10

Promptly Penned

  I stared at the screen for hours, HOURS, trying to come up with something for Promptly Penned today. But sadly, I’m suffering from post-con-withdrawal (and maybe a case of the Crud) so there won’t be any words from me today. This month’s prompt: This is where you make up some stupid excuse to leave …

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Feb 03

Wednesday Blogging

This week, we’re talking about our ideal dates. I’ve only been married five years (as of yesterday, actually), but we’ve been together for eight…so I’ve been out of the dating pool for nearly a decade. Apparently, according to the tv shows I watch, going to dinner and a movie is cliche and boring. I wrote …

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Jan 20

Wordless Wednesday – Happiness


Happiness is… Family   Doing what I love   Hobbies      Friends   Check out my blog sisters’ happiness: Bronwyn || Kris || Gwen || Jessica || Kellie

Dec 20

My new home — Torquere Press!

I’ve been in talks with the people at Torquere Press for a while, and they’ve recently acquired all my Rhyann titles! Every single one. That means I’ll be getting new titles, brand new (gorgeous!) covers, expanding on all the stories. Bigger, better, longer, sexier. I can’t wait!!

Oct 16

Real life ranting: Emergency room visits, substandard care, patient care…

I read an article today where a husband speaks about the bullshit treatment his wife received when they went to the Emergency Room not long ago. His wife, Rachel, was in severe pain and he’d never seen her like that before. It was so bad that he called an ambulance, rather than taking her himself …

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