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Feb 21

Songfic: Glycerine by Bush


The song this month is one of my favorite from… either middle or high school. I honestly can’t remember, since Bush was popular throughout that time of my life. I spent countless hours listening to Gavin Rossdale croon about things I really had no clue of in my young mind. But teenage angst, and all …

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Mar 02

Can I Make You Feel (coming soon)

Kimmy has been in love with her stepfather for years and watches as her mother spends night after night “working late” instead of coming home to her husband. Now that Kimmy is 18, she knows she can make her move. Seducing her stepfather might be the easy part, but will she be able to keep …

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Jan 18

Songfic: Creep – Radiohead


This month’s song fic is inspired by “Creep” by Radiohead, one of my favorite songs from my high school days. Links to the lyrics here, the song can be heard here. She was all I ever wanted. Long blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, full red lips, tight body toned from years of cheerleading. She was …

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Jan 04

Flash Fiction – January photo prompt


  The first flash fiction of the year kind of reminds me of a park I used to go to with my best friend when we lived in San Antonio. Back then, we were kind of jaded with the area since we were based there for five years and once you’ve gone to the Riverwalk …

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Dec 29

First Weekend is available!!

Daniel used to be married to Molly’s mother. When they divorced, Molly chose to stay with him rather than move on with her wicked mother. Now that she’s safely in college, Daniel thinks he can escape the naughty thoughts that have plagued him about the beautiful cheerleader he’s taken care of for the past six …

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Dec 21

I have a confession to make.

blog header

I’ve been debating on this for a while, but I’ve decided it’s time. I haven’t made it much of a secret that I have two pen names. I write contemporary erotic romance under this name, and I write taboo erotic romance under the name Rhyann Harris. I kept it a secret as long as I …

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Oct 26

Guys! I’m legit!

Jackson is in a terrible marriage. He hasn’t been intimate with his wife in well over a year. His stepdaughter, Bianca, has noticed and has been doing everything she can to attract Jackson’s attention. Short shorts. Barely-there shirts. When her doctor mother leaves for yet another thirty-six hour shift, Bianca makes a nightmare an excuse …

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Oct 26

Social Media & Promo

I’ve noticed some authors don’t have social media other than their blog. No way to contact them except via a contact form on said blog (and even then, sometimes not even that). This is the part where I make a face and cross my arms over my chest. Authors! You need to have some kind of …

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Oct 01

Torquere press, the Daddy trilogy, news

Hey guys! I know I’ve been MIA, but there’s reasons! Valid ones, even! I’m hard at work doing revisions on the Daddy trilogy for Torquere Press. My fabulous editor has FUCK ME TO SLEEP DADDY now (which has been re-titled THIRTY-SIX HOURS) and will be getting it back to me within the next few days. SEDUCING MY …

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Aug 01


I’ve been sitting on this news for a little while but I can officially tell everyone what’s going on… I’ve just signed a contract with Torquere Press to re-release the Daddy’s Little Girls series under their brand new Forbidden Love line! They’ll have to be re-titled so Amazon doesn’t kick them  back, and I’ll have …

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