Dec 02

Favorite Things – Scents

favorite things

This week, we’re talking about our favorite scents. Of course, I could go all over the map on this one. Scents from my childhood, scents from the Navy, college, when Monkey was a baby, when Mr Prince and I were dating, my favorite smells now…smell is the strongest trigger for memories.

Which brings me to my first favorite scent. BOOKS. Of course.

Giles said it best. Books smell musty and rich. Years of history and memories all in one place. As much as I love my eReader and will never, ever be caught without it…it will never replace the feel of paper in my hands. Or the fact that my grandmother was the first person who really connected with me through books, and every time I smell that distinct smell that comes in a library or a book shop, I’ll always remember her.

Yes, White Shoulders is an old lady perfume. My mother wears it, and she’s one of my favorite people on the planet. So, I’m perfectly okay loving this particular old lady perfume. :)

Monkey might not use J&J anymore, but this is what I used on her when she was little before bed. It took her forever to grow any hair, so her little bald head smelled like lavender and happiness and she was all mine. I remember her baby giggles and those wonderful baby snuggles every time I smell J&J lavender shampoo.

I don’t have a memory to go with sandalwood. I just love the way it smells. Always have. Something about it is very soothing to me.

love the smell of apples and cinnamon together. I love the taste of it even better. Apple cinnamon muffins? OMG YES PLEASE!! But this is a post about scents, not flavors, so I’ll just leave this picture here and silently drool over the thought of the yummy. :)

Vanilla…also food related, but smells so good that it makes me happy in the tummy and the nose. I usually get vanilla scented air fresheners because I love it so much. Of course, that also makes me hungry all the time. Which means the people at work benefit, because I bring the product of my baking binges in so I don’t eat it all. :)

Amazing Grace by Philosophy. My favorite perfume in the entire world. I probably shouldn’t post it here, though. Don’t want everyone going out and getting my signature scent. ;)

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  1. Gwen Cease

    Yes! Another book sniffer!! LOL! I knew there had to be one more of us that did it. :-)

    1. Paige Prince

      LOL of course we do it. We’re book obsessed!

  2. Bronwyn Green

    I looooooooove sandalwood so much!!! And vanilla!!!

    1. Paige Prince

      Sandalwood and vanilla are AWESOME <3

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