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Flash Fiction – Man on the Dock

flash fictiondock



Joshua hummed as he dangled his feet in the cool, clear water and soaked up the sunshine. White sails dotted the horizon, making him wish he were out on the water catching the wind and coasting along the surface of the bay.

Being on the sidelines wasn’t easy for a guy like him–someone who’d lived life on the edge since he’d first been introduced to sailing. It didn’t seem like something that could inspire an adrenaline rush similar to jumping out of an airplane, but getting his Catch to cut through the water like glass and standing at the wheel knowing he was the one to make her go that fast…it was better than sex.

Well. Almost better than sex. Nothing could top finally landing a date with Alison. Or taking her dancing. Or when she asked him to take her on a tour of his boat. Or when it became clear that “tour of your boat” actually meant something a whole lot dirtier.

That had been eight years ago. Before the accident nearly drowned him at sea. Before he stopped sailing.

The sun glinted off the shiny silver band on his finger as he reached for her hand to bring it to his lips.

“Eww, Daddy! That’s gross!” His son, Hunter’s nose wrinkled in distaste, “Mommy hasn’t had her cootie shot. You’re gonna get ‘fected!”

Joshua glanced out at the sails again, but the pull to his family was stronger. So he turned and administered the much-needed cootie shot to his wife, and just to be safe, gave himself one as well.

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  1. Bronwyn Green

    Very sweet. :)

  2. Kris Norris

    This was sweet. Nicely done.

  3. Gwen Cease

    So much sweet, even with the cootie shot. :-)

  4. Jess Jarman

    I agree–super sweet. :) Curious about the full story behind this short snippet. :P

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