Sep 09

In loving memory

It’s no secret that our family is a tight one. I was blessed to grow up physically and emotionally close to each of my aunts, learning from them and growing into the woman I am today because of their guidance and love. They say it takes a village to raise a child. I think my family took that saying literally.

I learned humor from my Aunt Donna. And that you’re not supposed to feed your dog Red Hots (although I think that part was my mom and the epic lecture post-candy feast). I also learned that laughter is a wonderful cure for what ails you.

From my Aunt Ginger, I learned that we go shopping at Foleys, of course (family joke). No really, Aunt Ginger taught me there is beauty in quiet strength and you can learn –and do– anything as long as you’re willing to work for it…even be a truck driver to pay my mother’s electric bill.

And Aunt Judy… Aunt Judy taught me kindness. Generosity. Loyalty. She fiercely defended those she loved and she loved many. While she only birthed three children, she had more than could ever be counted. All the kids (and some not-so-kids) in any neighborhood they ever lived in called her “Mom.”

And she was. If you needed to eat, she fed you. If you needed clothes, she gave you the shirt off her back even if she had nothing else. If you needed shelter, she made up a bed for you in her own home. Aunt Judy gave of herself without asking for anything in return – the very definition of generous.

Every party we had, whether it be a wedding, birthday, holiday, or baby shower, Aunt Judy could always be counted on to come through the door bearing mountains of food and buckets–literally–of presents. Making people happy made her happy. And she was really good at her job. Even when she was pinching you with her toes because you did something to annoy her.

Aunt Judy Pooty (I know she’s mad at me for calling her that but let’s face it: it’s funny), you will always be missed, always be remembered, and most certainly always be loved.

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