Mar 22

In which I fangirl over Dominic Sherwood

I was chatting with Bronwyn Green and I mentioned that I’d rather be cuddled in bed with Dominic Sherwood than working (I have a pretty wicked cold and was sent home from work, but rather than go to bed, I’m editing). Rather than nodding her approval, she asked me who Dominic Sherwood is, and I promptly fainted.

Okay, so not everyone is as big a fangirl as Lacie Nation and I are.

I first noticed him in Vampire Academy, when he played Christian Ozera. He was also Taylor Swift’s love interest in her Style video(clip below). He’s currently playing Jace Wayland on ShadowHunters on Freeform (formerly ABC Family) Tuesday nights (8 CST). In real life, he’s dating Sarah Hyland, and they’re too freaking adorable for words. But he’s starring in every book I’m currently writing–luckily, he has several different looks. And multi-colored eyes. *g*


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  1. Lacie

    While TSwift’s voice literally makes my eye twitch, I just turned the volume down and drooled over all his prettiness! It’s his eyes. There’s something about a boy with different colored eyes that makes me gooey.

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