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July Photo Prompt

flash fictionI hadn’t planned on participating in this month’s photo prompt because I’m on deadline for my next book and the picture was just too sunny to fit into a vampire book. How could I possibly include it in my book?

And then I got a touch of writer’s block. So, I decided to just look at the picture again and see if there was a way. And then an image popped into my head, of my heroine walking to the lake to talk to the hero. Suddenly, there were words on the page and celebrations could be heard in the Prince household.

07-2015 - BarefootInField

The grass crunched beneath Caitlin’s bare feet as she made her way down to the lake. The well-worn path should’ve worried her—it meant that humans were well aware of the area and not afraid to wander around. At the moment, they needed to avoid everyone, human and vampire alike, but this was the closest safe house that Alaric had.

The short white dress she wore was purely for anyone who might’ve wandered into their territory. As far as anyone could tell, they were simply vacationing at a cabin far off the beaten path, a couple so in love they wanted to lock the rest of the world out. And while her fingers itched to touch that hard, tanned, seriously toned body, Alaric’s aversion to vampires made that little fantasy impossible.

A breeze blew through the trees, rustling the leaves. The sound had always been soothing to her, appealing to her earth witch nature and calming her nerves. After she’d been turned so many years ago, her vampiric hearing amplified the sound, which in turn intensified those feelings.

Yet another vampire myth that wasn’t inaccurate. Everything was heightened when you were turned into a vampire—senses…emotions…hunger. Sunlight was a joke, as evidenced by her current tan, she liked garlic on her pizza, and she wore a little cross that her previous lover had given her—what seemed like so many lifetimes ago. She could bathe in holy water, but that seemed like a waste of a blessing.

Her vamp predecessors knew a thing or two about spreading rumors to keep themselves from being staked by random kids who fancied themselves hunters. Only true hunters knew what would actually kill a vampire. Wood from a Japanese cedar, carved into a stake and driven directly into the heart. Beheadings were a tried a true method. Fire only worked when purifying rosemary was scattered on the ashes.

She found him sitting next to the water, staring out at the horizon. “Mind if I sit?”

He gestured to the ground without a word. They sat together in amiable silence for a while, listening to the sounds of the afternoon and enjoying the feel of the sunlight on their skin. They’d been hiding for weeks, now. Ducking into Alaric’s hidey-holes along the Texas-Louisiana border while trying to avoid Bastian and his merry band of soulless bastards, intent on not only killing Caitlin and Alaric, but sucking the very world they enjoyed living in down to Hell.

They’d come up with a plan, but it required some very serious magic and she was only one witch. She needed the help of the ancestors of her old coven—if they didn’t try to kill her on sight. Vampires weren’t exactly enemies, but witches tended to shy away from the undead. As evidenced by her own brush with them, it wasn’t exactly safe for a witch to fraternize.

They were on their way into Grosse Tete, a place she hadn’t been in since 1904, before it was officially incorporated by Louisiana’s Parish municipalities. Caitlin had kept track of her people throughout the years first by using word-of-mouth, and as technology progressed, by newspapers, television, and finally the internet.

“What are you thinking about? You look like you’re a million miles away.” Alaric’s questioning gaze sought hers, something he’d rarely done since they set out on their journey.

His barely concealed hatred of all things vampire had a tendency to sting if Caitlin thought about it too long, but every now and then she’d catch him looking at her with something like lust in those deep brown eyes. But then he’d blink and his frosty stare would be back in place, making Caitlin sure she’d imagined the whole thing.

Visions of the past flooded her mind. Playing with her sisters in the fields. Her mother brushing out their hair every night before bed. Casting with her coven. Spending hours in bed with Ric—before he was Ric—talking and making love until they passed out from exhaustion.

“Home. I haven’t been back in a long time.” Her hair fell into her eyes as she looked down. “Since before I was taken. Before I was turned.”

He brushed her bangs away from her face and she nearly jumped at the spark of electricity she felt at his touch. No matter how many times it happened, it always surprised her. She wondered if he felt it too.

“How did it happen? I mean, I know the logistics, but…”

Her heart did a little flip inside her chest. She wanted so badly to be hopeful that a part of him would remember. Would feel even a fraction for her what she felt for him. But they hadn’t spent much time together, and the dream walking had only just started to work.

“You want to know about my past?”

Alaric turned his body to face her. “Yes.”

I can’t wait to see what my blog sisters have come up with! 

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  1. Bronwyn Green

    OH! This is a great addition! I can’t wait to read the whole thing! Write faster, Ms. Prince! :D

  2. Kris

    Nicely done. I’m with Bronwyn. Write faster. And damn, for getting it to fit your current WIP.

  3. Jess Jarman

    Fantastic. And I can’t wait to read the whole thing. Write faster…FASTER.

  4. Jessica De La Rosa

    This was a really good start. Keep going!

  5. Gwen Cease

    So, so good!! These people pulled me in and I want to know about them. Hurry!! Write faster

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