Aug 17

Nostalgic Notes: Movies

nostalgic notes movies

My twin brother and I were movie fanatics as kids. Okay, we still are as adults. I drive Mr. Prince absolutely insane with my random movie/TV/actors trivia. I’ll be working in my office and have to grab something from our room where he’s watching some random old movie I’ve never seen before and I’ll pause for a second–literally, a second–and ask, “Is this (name of movie)?”

At this point, he’ll roll his eyes, grab the remote, and hit the info button because of course he has no idea. Nine times out of ten, I’m right. How did I know? Usually, it’s because I caught a glimpse of the main character and I recognize the actor. The actor is wearing a certain style of clothing, or speaking a certain way, and I know from my hours and hours spent on Wikipedia and IMDB (back when I worked overnights in the military and it was the only source of entertainment I had–I’m not that much of a dork!) that this actor was in this movie and it was set during this time period or in this location. So it must be that movie. Deductive reasoning, which Mr. Prince tells Monkey to use all the time, but I get an eyeroll.

Probably because I’m showing off my smarty pants. LOL

Anyway. The point of this post is movies. And the nostalgic notes that accompany them. Hope you’re prepared for a long post, my lovelies. I’ve got quite a few on my “Comfort Movies” list. Oh, btw. This isn’t even all of them. The link to my IMDB list will be at the bottom of this post.

labyrinthOf course Lanyrinth is on my list. It’s only the first movie I really remember watching with my mother when Chris (the twin) and I were littles. Mom won’t admit it now, but she had the BIGGEST crush on David Bowie, and seeing him in those pants… well, let’s just say we watched it a lot. ;) I’ve continued the family tradition and introduced Monkey to the awesomeness that is Labyrinth. She can’t quite sing the songs with me yet, but she will. Oh yes. She will. Speaking of the songs… You remind me of the babe. What babe? The babe with the power. What power? The power of voodoo. Who do? You do! I’ll be texting that to twin tomorrow when this post goes live and he’s actually awake. Because I’m a considerate sister.

Sgt Pepper



Another movie that has to do with my mother. She was a ridiculously huge fan of Peter Frampton. Like, HUGE. Not necessarily because of his music, but because she thought he was TO DIE FOR gorgeous. I, of course, love him for his music. Anyway. This movie is really freaking silly and based on The Beatles’ music. We used to watch this one on Friday nights, singing and dancing around the house. Family time was important in our house, can you tell?

dirty dancing



Funny story with this one. A couple of funny stories, actually. My first memory of the trailer I grew up in is a party. I think it was sometime in the late eighties or maybe the early nineties, but my mom had a standup cardboard cutout int he shape of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in the pose above. I remember it standing next to our fireplace and being scared to death because I wasn’t ready for company to arrive, and I was walking through the house in PJs or something not appropriate for public consumption. Anyway, I saw the cutout, thought it was a person, and nearly peed myself. Second funny story: Patrick Swayze was from our area. In fact, he lived about 10 minutes from my house. And my mom used to go dancing with his brother when she was in high school. Oh, and I totally didn’t understand what was going on in this movie at the time other than they were dancing and Baby’s parents were mean. I was mayyyyybe four.

ever after


Insert teen angst here. Okay, so. I loved this movie in high school. LOVED. I had the biggest crush on Dougray Scott on the planet and I wanted to marry him and have his babies. We moved from Crosby to Tomball my sophomore year of high school. No problem, I can totally adjust. Twin made some bad decisions and Mom pulled us from school to keep the bad “influences away.” Junior year was spent homeschooling. Senior year, I had a boyfriend and a best friend and life was awesome. Then, my parents put me in a posh tiny private high school and moved us just over an hour away. This is where you cue the teen angst. My life was over. I spent every day in my room watching Ever After over and over. Literally, sometimes two or three times a day. I only came out of my room to go to school, the bathroom, and to eat. I still quote the movie. Most people still have no idea. “You look like a girl!” “That’s what I am, half-wit!” “Yeah, but today you look it!” “Boy or girl, I can still whip you!”

the crow


Chris and I watched The Crow every day after school. Brandon Lee was our idol and we were so heartbroken when he died filming the movie that we were inconsolable for a while. We still quote the movie to each other, and I imagine if it were on, I could spit out every single line. Oh, and if it gives you an indication of how often we watched this movie, my middle brother Steven’s first sentence was, “Fuck you, Tin Tin.”

a knight's tale


My best friend Lori (formerly known as MamaChelle) and I saw this on… one of my birthdays, I can’t remember which one now, because it had just been released in theaters and we both loved Heath Ledger. Oddly enough, he wasn’t my favorite part of the movie. I LOVE Alan Tudyk’s character. LOVE. When I’m mad at someone, I promise them “Pain. Lots of pain.” Though, they rarely realize I’m quoting a movie. And this is where I fell in love with Paul Bettany. This is one that didn’t involve my blood family so much as my sister from another mister, my best friend Lori. It was our go to movie when we couldn’t decide what to watch. Which… was often.

hudson hawk



I have no idea where Chris found this movie, but he showed it to me one day when we were in our early teens and it was all over from there. Bruce Willis in a movie about a cat burglar who sings old songs to keep time, crazy AF villains, a plot to steal priceless art just to destroy it so they can turn lead into gold… Let’s face it, the plot was well over my head. But it was funny as hell and it made Chris giggle. :)

10 things


Lori and I originally saw this movie because we were big Andrew Keegan fans (I know, you’re like, “Who?” but I promise he was a big deal… to us) but we were quicly converted to Heath Ledger fans when we caught a glimpse of those dimples and  heard that accent. Love this retelling of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shew. Love even more that Lori and I saw a really great (high school) production of Taming of the Shrew not too long before this movie was released.

the wedding date


I don’t actually have anything super nostalgic about this movie other than it’s one of my go-to comfort movies. Debra Messing is awesome as a neurotic hot mess trying to make her ex jealous and Dermot Mulroney is fantastic as the Ivy League gigolo she hires to take her to her sister’s wedding. Also one I quote a lot. And THAT SCENE BY THE CAR. The hottest non kiss ever. Annnnd I did my makeup like hers for almost my entire high school career. And college. And the Navy. What? Pink and purple look good with my eye color.

sleepless in seattle


The first Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie I actively remember watching (there have obviously been several others). This was my mom’s favorite movie when we were kids. If she came home in a shitty mood, we’d launch “Operation SIS,” where we’d make whatever food we were able to (something microwaved, usually) and pop in the VHS that we ended up wearing out. Actually, I think I still owe my mom another one….


Another obvious choice. Twin and I loved this movie and spent hours and hours watching it. It was one of the films we had to study in my college film class, and our final project was to create a film of our of that encompassed everything we’d studied that semester. So, we made up this elaborate script involving every movie we’d focused on and went to a friend’s house to film “SJC Cribs” (back when MTV Cribs was a thing…or the thing. Is it still on?) and had Brian, who’s now an actor, walk through his house showing it off to the camera crew. Every room had a different movie theme. The kitchen was The Princess Bride, and I was dressed as a baseball pitcher while my best friend Lori was dressed as a princess. Brian walked into the kitchen and the camera panned to Lori saying “Hand me that pitcher,” then to me with my ball and glove, which I immediately dropped and said, “As you wish.” She pulled me in her arms, dipped me like she was going to kiss me, and Brian interrupted. “Excuse me?” Then, she dropped me on my head. Luckily, I had a pillow on the floor or I would’ve had another concussion to deal with.

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” I say this ALL THE TIME. Classic line.

national treasure national treasure2


National Treasure 1 & 2 get posted together. Because I said so. These are another set of movies that I just love watching when I’m in a shitty mood. I love Justin Bartha (Riley) with a passion, and Nicolas Cage movies tend to be my thing. A lot of them are truly horrible, but they’re still entertaining.

Powell: How do a bunch of guys with hand tools build all this?

Ben Gates: Same way they built the pyramids – and the Great Wall of China.

Riley Poole: Yeah… the aliens helped them.

Oh, Riley. I love you. And yes, that’s another thing I say a lot. “The aliens helped them.” Because, movie nerd.

lion king memo sleeping beauty sword in the stone


Aaaaand, Disney. Because I’m nothing if not a Disney kid. A grownup Disney kid, but still a Disney kid. I love them all (well, almost all), but there’s too many to put on this list. I think I’ve gone on long enough, don’t you? ;)

The Lion King has a special place in my heart because my first boyfriend Clint and I were watching this curled up on the couch as we were babysitting Steven. I was seventeen and we were in love and I just knew it in that moment. Young love, right?

Finding Nemo is still awesome to this day and I will seriously watch it every time it’s on TV. My youngest (on my mom’s side) brother, Andrew, was just learning to talk when it was released on DVD. He couldn’t say Finding Nemo, so when he wanted to watch it (18,000 times a day), he’d point to the TV and say, “It’s a Meemo!” And now I can’t say Nemo when referring to this movie. It will always and forever be Meemo.

Sleeping Beauty was the first thing that inspired me to write stories in my head. I wanted to be her (gorgeous skinny blonde who woke up with perfect makeup, and seriously can I find her lipstick shade?), so I’d put myself in her place. And I’m put the cute boy from down the street in Prince Phillip’s place. Because that’s how my brain has always worked. Sleeping Beauty inspired my creativity.

The Sword in the Stone. I suppose this was what launched my love for all things Arthurian, though it’s not accurate and it’s totally a cartoon. Also, the scene with the squirrel whose hear he breaks STILL kills me. I just saw that they’re doing a remake which should be released by 2018. Not happy about that.

Madame Mim: Sounds like someone’s sick. How lovely. I do hope it’s serious. Something dreadful.

Why does no one get my movie quotes?  I’m hip, I promise!

If you want to see the entire list (because there’s definitely more), then check out my IMDB profile HERE.



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  1. Bronwyn Green

    Even though A Knight’s Tale is wildly anachronistic, I still love it. That one gets quoted a lot around here, too.

    1. Paige Prince

      I meant to say something about that, but I got distracted. :) It’s so entertaining and I love the story. And this is why we’re friends. <3

  2. Gwen Cease

    The Crow! Best movie ever! We went to the movies to see this one. Sis and I love Brandon Lee. In fact, she flew out to Seattle to see his and Bruce Lee’s graves. Yep, that’s my sister. Have you heard they’re talking about remaking it? I hope not. No one can compare to Brandon.

    1. Paige Prince

      YES! Best movie ever! I’ve heard about the remake and if it happens, I will boycott until forever. No one is Eric Draven except Brandon Lee. Period.

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