Mar 02


I posted about my ER visit on my Paige FB profile, but the gist is that I likely slept on my hurt shoulder (I tore my rotator cuff on 12/30/2015 and am still dealing with the fallout) and screwed it up worse. I could barely move it until yesterday. Today is slightly better, but I still can’t do anything quickly, nor can I raise my arm over my head without feeling like my humerus is being ripped in half from the shoulder joint. Fun times.
I had to go back to the worker’s comp doctor who’s been taking care of me since this debacle started on Monday since I’d gone to the ER. She put in yet another referral to the orthopedic doctor (this makes the third one so far) and recommended more physical therapy. I called my adjuster to try and get it pushed through faster, but shocker: she wasn’t at work on Monday. She didn’t get back to me until this morning. My ortho visit has been approved, but she’s heard nothing about the PT and she isn’t sure who, what, or where I’ll be going/seeing with regards to physical therapy.
Upon returning to work Monday, Occupational Health informed me that another manager (not mine) said that they’re unable to accommodate my restrictions at this time. Which is funny, since they’re the exact same restrictions I’ve had the entire time I’ve been injured and my actual manager told me before I left for the doctor that I’d just do like I’ve been doing–have a student do all the work while I supervise.
So, now I’m stuck at home until I can get my orthopedic appointment pushed through, physical therapy completed, and my follow up visit with the doctor on March 14th. Yesterday, I took it easy and sat on the couch watching Supernatural. Mostly because it still hurt to extend my arm and moving it made me want to die. I can extend my arm today, so I’m currently on my laptop but I’m not making any sudden movements. I’m very slowly working on Can I Make You Feel (the updated version of Seducing My Daddy, being released by Torquere Press later this month) and listening to my favorite Spotify playlist while sitting propped up in bed. I feel kind of like an invalid, but if it means I don’t further injure my shoulder and still get work done, I’ll do it.
I went to the VA yesterday after my regularly scheduled eye appointment and filed for increased disability. Looks like my time table has been forcefully pushed up.

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