Jan 11

Promptly Penned – Jan 2017



The prompt: S/he showed up at his/her door, soaking wet, bruised and covered in glitter.

He showed up at her door, soaking wet, bruised and covered in glitter. Water dripped from his hair, a smirk on his puffy lips.

Sighing, she simply held the door open for him to enter. “You’ve got to stop appearing like this. You know you’re always welcome in my home. You don’t have to be bleeding.”

“But you’re my healer. If I weren’t harmed in some way, you’d wonder what’s wrong with me.” He plopped down onto the couch as she moved to grab herbs from the kitchen cabinet. “Or have nothing to do beyond try to get me into your bedroom.” He winced when his wide grin opened the cut on his mouth.

“Serves you right,” she said, sitting on the ottoman across from him. He automatically spread his legs to allow her to be as close as she could–to work, of course. “First, I’m a healer. Not your healer. Just because you’re the main one prancing through my door every week doesn’t make me yours. And second” –she got a little thrill when he jumped at the sting of the salve she applied to one of his many bruises– “I’ve never attempted to get you into my bed. Judging from the fairy dust all over you, it wouldn’t take much to get you there, even if I wanted you. But Tink and I have an agreement–we don’t mess with each other’s sloppy seconds.”



That’s it for me this week. Want to see what the other bloggers have come up with? Click the links below:

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  1. Kris

    LOL. Thinking Tink wouldn’t leave him in enough pieces if she was pissed. Never piss off a faery :) Very nice!

  2. Bronwyn Green

    Honestly, he’s lucky he’s not in more pieces for sitting on her couch all soaking wet and glitterfied! :D

  3. Jess Jarman

    Thinking she’s going to find glitter for weeks now he’s brought it all in. LOL Nicely done.
    Jess Jarman recently posted…Wednesday Randomness: Promptly Penned #13My Profile

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