Jan 18

Songfic: Creep – Radiohead


This month’s song fic is inspired by “Creep” by Radiohead, one of my favorite songs from my high school days. Links to the lyrics here, the song can be heard here.

She was all I ever wanted. Long blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, full red lips, tight body toned from years of cheerleading. She was more than her looks, of course. She was kind. Thoughtful. Generous. The type of person who went out of her way to make others feel welcome. Loved.

All through college, I was the one everyone ignored. When they bothered to notice my existence, it was purely to mock me. Make me feel small. Stupid. Insignificant. After a while, I began to believe them.

Freak. Geek. Nobody. Worthless.

With a smile and an offer to be my lab partner, she began changing my own perception of myself. She built me up when so many others had knocked me down, made me into a shell of a person.

But oh, how I wanted her.

Of course, I never told her. Why would I? Despite the self-esteem boost she gave me, there was no way she’d ever be with me. She dated the captain of the football team–a 6’5″, 290 pound giant of a man. And I was the 5’4″ 180 pound weird girl with the hand-me-down clothes and nerd glasses.

How could I ever stand a chance?


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2 pings

  1. Kris Norris

    Nice and depressing just like the song, lol. But haven’t you heard. Nerd is the new sexy… :D

  2. Jess jarman

    I agree with Norris, nerd is the new sexy, and maybe she’d be surprised by her friends feelings? Imagining all the possibilities…great job!

  3. Bronwyn Green

    Oh, this is really sweet. I feel so bad for her, though. Nice job with this. :)

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