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Jan 02

Flash Fiction: Northern Lights


First photo flash fiction of the year, yay! The picture is beautiful, yay! And I have no idea what to write about, FUCK! So, after talking to the lovely and uber-talented Siobhan Muir for all of ten seconds (I told you she’s talented), she helped me come up with what to write today. Thank you …

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Apr 18

Flash Fiction: “Don’t you forget about me”

Today’s song is “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds, which automatically makes me think of The Breakfast Club and Judd Nelson fist pumping at the end of the longest Saturday detention ever (not that I speak from experience or anything. I was an angel. Stop laughing, I was!) The lyrics can be found …

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Feb 01

Flash Fiction – Man on the Dock


    Joshua hummed as he dangled his feet in the cool, clear water and soaked up the sunshine. White sails dotted the horizon, making him wish he were out on the water catching the wind and coasting along the surface of the bay. Being on the sidelines wasn’t easy for a guy like him–someone …

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Jan 04

Flash Fiction – January photo prompt


  The first flash fiction of the year kind of reminds me of a park I used to go to with my best friend when we lived in San Antonio. Back then, we were kind of jaded with the area since we were based there for five years and once you’ve gone to the Riverwalk …

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