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Jan 27

Monthly check in post


So, this post is for our monthly check-in. Updates on goals, whatever’s on our mind, etc. I’ve been hard at work on edits this month, which hasn’t left a lot of time for writing, since my computer decided to update itself in the middle of the night and the two files I had open were …

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Jan 18

Musical Musings


  This one wasn’t easy for me. I love music. LOOOOOVE. My husband is a musician. My father is a musician. My grandfather is a musician. Hell, my dad used to fall asleep on Willie Nelson’s pool table while my grandfather was jamming in the living room with Willie. He even told me that he …

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Jan 11

Promptly Penned – Jan 2017


  The prompt: S/he showed up at his/her door, soaking wet, bruised and covered in glitter. He showed up at her door, soaking wet, bruised and covered in glitter. Water dripped from his hair, a smirk on his puffy lips. Sighing, she simply held the door open for him to enter. “You’ve got to stop appearing like this. …

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Jan 02

Flash Fiction: Northern Lights


First photo flash fiction of the year, yay! The picture is beautiful, yay! And I have no idea what to write about, FUCK! So, after talking to the lovely and uber-talented Siobhan Muir for all of ten seconds (I told you she’s talented), she helped me come up with what to write today. Thank you …

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Aug 24

Wednesday Blogging: Behind the scenes of my latest project

  I actually have four books in progress at the moment, most of which tie into the series I’m writing with Deelylah Mullin. We’re calling it the Mercy General series right now, but that could change before we publish the first one. I’m writing a book about a hot cardiothoracic surgeon(When I Get You Alone), …

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Aug 17

Nostalgic Notes: Movies

hudson hawk

My twin brother and I were movie fanatics as kids. Okay, we still are as adults. I drive Mr. Prince absolutely insane with my random movie/TV/actors trivia. I’ll be working in my office and have to grab something from our room where he’s watching some random old movie I’ve never seen before and I’ll pause …

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Jul 20

Wordless Wednesday: Anger/Rage

      See the other bloggers’ Wordless Wednesday posts by clicking the links below: Kris || Jess || Bronwyn || Kayleigh || Gwen

Feb 01

Flash Fiction – Man on the Dock


    Joshua hummed as he dangled his feet in the cool, clear water and soaked up the sunshine. White sails dotted the horizon, making him wish he were out on the water catching the wind and coasting along the surface of the bay. Being on the sidelines wasn’t easy for a guy like him–someone …

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Jan 13

Promptly Penned – Choices

promptly penned

Some choices are easy, like fudge ripple or butter pecan, some choices aren’t. Can you guess which one this was? I didn’t choose to love him. I mean, he’s my brother’s best friend, for crying out loud. We basically grew up together. Matt spent every weekend at our house. We watched movies together, he begged me …

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Jan 06

Wednesday Blogging: 2015 in review – Best Memories of the last year


2015 wasn’t an exceptional year for me. In fact, the last two years have been pretty awful. But there are always bright spots in every story, and there were quite a few moments in 2015 that were amazing.   March – My “twin” Elise came down to visit and we attended The Vampire Diaries convention …

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