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Aug 24

Wednesday Blogging: Behind the scenes of my latest project

  I actually have four books in progress at the moment, most of which tie into the series I’m writing with Deelylah Mullin. We’re calling it the Mercy General series right now, but that could change before we publish the first one. I’m writing a book about a hot cardiothoracic surgeon(When I Get You Alone), …

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Jun 01

Wednesday Blogging: Angry Letter

houston flood

Today’s topic should be fairly simple for me to write. I mean, everyone gets angry at something every now and then, right? I could probably talk about VA bullshit all day, but that tends to go into “oversharing, entirely too personal” territory. So, what/who do I write an angry letter to? Mother fucking Nature. Because …

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May 04

Wednesday Blogging: What I Wanted to be When I Grew Up

Today’s topic is What I Wanted to be When I Grew Up. Well, that’s a little all over the map, for me… At first, I wanted to be a doctor, because I’d be able to help people. And pay my mom’s light bill. Then, I decided I wanted to be a lawyer, because I’m excellent at …

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Mar 16

Wordless Wednesday: Sadness


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Mar 09

Promptly Penned: No Abduction Policy

Today’s prompt immediately made me think of Supernatural. Of course, I’ve been binge watching SPN for about 2 months now, so it kinda makes sense that I’ve got Sam and Dean stuck in my head. Unfortunately, I don’t write fanfic anymore. But when I started thinking about it, it sort of fit where I want …

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Jul 03

A Few of my Favorite Things: Music/Musician Edition

Well, this should’ve gone up yesterday, but I had a terrible day at the dayjob (several, actually) and when I got home I pretty much just went into a coma. So, I’m a day late but not a dollar short because I found one floating around in my car! Anyway. I’ve said it a few …

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Apr 06

April’s photo writing prompt

04-2015- CoupleNight

  I stop again to make sure I haven’t been followed. As nonchalantly as I can in the middle of a forest, I stoop to tie my still laced shoes and look around. The moonlight isn’t necessary for me to see, but it provides some lovely mood lighting. Closing my eyes before I stand again, …

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Mar 18

Wordless Wednesday: My Past

Emma & Mommy dancing

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Mar 16

March’s Song Fic: Hammer’s Coming Down by Nickelback

She couldn’t catch her breath. Sweat poured from her brow, into her eyes, and down her face but she didn’t stop running. Couldn’t stop running. He’d catch her if she so much as stumbled. And then he’d kill her. Tree branches slapped her in the face. Thorns scratched her arms and legs. But still she …

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Mar 11

A-Z List: Things that inspire me

You’d think for someone who draws inspiration from the most random places, making a list of things that inspire me from A-Z would be easy, right? Well… no. My biggest inspirations come from music and movies. Real life plays a part, but the grand majority comes from music. As the grandchild/child/daughter of a musician, it …

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