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Dec 07

Nostalgic Notes: Toys


  I’m not normally super sentimental over things. I have boxes of mementos from my childhood–mostly things my mother saved for me that she thought I’d want when I got older, and I likely will when I want to show Monkey, but I don’t ever get the urge to sort through the boxes to wander …

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Aug 17

Nostalgic Notes: Movies

hudson hawk

My twin brother and I were movie fanatics as kids. Okay, we still are as adults. I drive Mr. Prince absolutely insane with my random movie/TV/actors trivia. I’ll be working in my office and have to grab something from our room where he’s watching some random old movie I’ve never seen before and I’ll pause …

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Feb 17

Nostalgic Notes: Songs

nostalgic notes

Sometimes a song will come on the radio that just hits you right in the feels. Coming from a musical family, I have a lot of those kinds of songs bopping around in my brain. My twin and I used to sing this on the bus when we were in fourth grade. I still love John …

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