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Mar 07

Photo Prompt: Handprint in the steam


This month’s photo prompt gave me trouble. All I saw in my head was that scene in Titanic when Leo and Kate get their groove thing on in the back of the car and that damn handprint she left (which was unbelievably hot for someone as young as I was when the movie came out) …

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Jul 06

July Photo Prompt

07-2015 - BarefootInField

I hadn’t planned on participating in this month’s photo prompt because I’m on deadline for my next book and the picture was just too sunny to fit into a vampire book. How could I possibly include it in my book? And then I got a touch of writer’s block. So, I decided to just look …

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Apr 06

April’s photo writing prompt

04-2015- CoupleNight

  I stop again to make sure I haven’t been followed. As nonchalantly as I can in the middle of a forest, I stoop to tie my still laced shoes and look around. The moonlight isn’t necessary for me to see, but it provides some lovely mood lighting. Closing my eyes before I stand again, …

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