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Nov 27

Word counts

As of the posting of this blog, NaNoWriMo2017 will almost be over (I’m pre-scheduling this so I can continue writing all the words while I’m on vacation). I’m hoping to have far more words than I currently do. I’m hovering around 9,000 when, according to the NaNo counter, I should be closer to 20,000—super behind, …

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Nov 15

Musical Musings

LAST SONG YOU HEARD  I was in the car with Tibby Armstrong and Deidre Knight. Deidre plugged her phone into the car. This was the first and last song played on our mini road trip (and it was totally accidental, lol) 1ST SONG ALPHABETICALLY ON DEVICE  I love Norah Jones like whoa. Have all her …

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Apr 03

My brain is sploding with ideas!

I’ve been emailing back and forth with my friend Tibby today about writing. Mostly, that I’ve had ideas for two sequels and two novellas for the book I’m working on now. One of the ideas would require me to add another character to the story, which would mean adding more words to the total count. …

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