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Oct 18

Wordless Wednesday: Autumn where I live


Usually, I stick with the rules and don’t write anything on Wordless Wednesday, but since it’s my first post in a while and I’m currently battling a cold that won’t freaking go away, I’m feeling rebellious. That could be the cough syrup. Autumn in Houston… well, this is what you get when you Google “Autumn …

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Aug 16

Wordless Wednesday: Summer where I live


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Nov 16

Wordless Wednesday: Love


  (this one is just for Bronwyn Green. She knows why.) Check out the other ladies’ posts: Bronwyn || Gwen || Kellie || Deelylah || Kris

Jul 20

Wordless Wednesday: Anger/Rage

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May 18

Wordless Wednesday: Funny


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Mar 16

Wordless Wednesday: Sadness


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