Aug 23

The Liebster Award

Bronwyn Green nominated me for a Liebster Award, which is kind of awesome since I love, respect, and admire Bronwyn like crazy. Okay, not in a “crazy stalker” kind of way, but a “really good friend” kind of way.

I’m just digging myself into a hole here, aren’t I?

Okay, so the basics of this award are that someone nominates you for awesome blogging, they give you 11 questions to answer, and then you nominate 11 more people and give 11 of your own questions for them to answer. If you want to. Unfortunately, everyone who I’d nominate has already been nominated. Thanks, Brownyn. :p

So, here are the questions Bron asked.



1.) What do you feel is the most criminally underrated movie or TV show? I’d say Firefly, but it’s a cult classic, despite only having one season. So, I guess I’ll say the show I’m currently binge watching–Saving Hope. It was on NBC for most of the first season, but they stopping showing it on American TV when they still had two episodes left. Really pissed me off because I had to know what happened to Charlie and Alex. Luckily, Ion is showing the series and I DVR every episode. It may or may not be because I love Daniel Gilles as De. Joel Goran (even though he’s now on The Originals full time).

2.) How do you feel about clowns? They freak me the fuck out. Stay away evil scary things. Stay away.

3.) What’s your favorite book? HA! Like I could pick one.

4.) Where is your happy place? Sitting on the back porch in the fall (because it’s too F’ing hot in the Texas summer) with my hoodie on, cup of hot tea in one hand, and a book in the other. That, or Key West, FL.

5.) Growing up, what was your favorite toy? A koala I got the same year my grandmother died, when I was 6. My daughter now sleeps with that bear, who I named “Grandma.”

6.) What was the worst job you ever had? The one where I cried every day when I woke up because I knew I had to go in. Physically and emotionally draining. Working there sent me into such a huge depression that it was difficult for me to function beyond the basics. Get up. Go to work. Eat lunch if there’s time. Come home. Think about making dinner and order out because I’m too tired. Get the kid bathed and watch TV together in my bedroom with my family. Fall asleep with the kid laying on my legs and wake up to Mr. Prince sending her to bed. Do it all again the next day.

7.) What fact about you surprises people the most? That I hate pork. The texture, the flavor, all of it. Bacon is about the only thing I can stand, and even then, it’s in small doses.

8.) What’s the one thing you wish you’d known as a freshman in college? That the Navy isn’t as exciting as it looks on TV and college isn’t actually that boring.

9.) What are two of your bucket list items? To go to London and make out with JJ Watt. And/or Dominic Sherwood. Both at the same time might be pretty fun. (KIDDING MOM!)

….not really. Shh.

10.) Do you play any instruments? If so, which one(s)? If not, are there any you wish you could play? If so, which ones? I used to play the flute when I was in middle school, but my house was robbed and it was stolen. Which hugely sucks for someone who was around 12 at the time. Now, I sing. That’s it. But Mr. Prince plays guitar, drums, bass, and keyboard. So, that’s a thing.

11.) What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever been given? This may sound funny, but a GPS. My husband and I had barely been dating two months, and he bought me one because it was before the time that everyone has GPS for free on their phones, and I get horribly, horribly lost. I mean, everywhere I go. SO LOST. So, he bought me an incredibly expensive GPS for my car so I wouldn’t get lost anymore.

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