Jan 25

The worst place I’ve ever been stuck


Either I’ve blocked out all the times I’ve been stuck somewhere awful, or I’ve led a charmed(ish) life, because I honestly can’t remember being stuck in a place that would qualify as the “worst.”

Well, unless you count boot camp. That wasn’t all peaches and cream. Granted, if I weren’t so damn broken, I’d go back in a heartbeat. Yeah, you read that right. Being away from my family SUCKED and I was on my own for the first time in my life, so I was a terrified little 19 year old. But there were so many great things about it. Losing all that weight and coming out a size 6 for the first time IN MY LIFE was pretty awesome, too.

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What wasn’t awesome? I went in the middle of July, and it was 114 degrees almost every day. Toward the end, it started to get cold, because unlike Texas, Illinois experiences actual seasons with actual snow, but I mostly remember the blazing heat. Even being a Texan can’t get you used to those kind of temperatures. Any time it went past… I forget what the threshold was. Astoundingly high, for people always running and marching in long sleeved utilities, but yeah, any time it went past that threshold, we were on a “red flag day” which meant we weren’t allowed to go outside longer than to just walk to our next school session or to chow. Yeah, it was THAT HOT.

Image result for RTC great lakesThere were also 79 other girls in my compartment (that’s what they call the bay you live in where you sleep on uncomfortable AF bunk beds that could’ve doubled as torture devices. And yes, I can make my bed so tight you can bounce a quarter off it. I just choose not to. Just like I choose to wear black and purple and blood red nail polish… because you can’t while you’re in uniform and I’m still rebelling against that authority, LOL.

Anyway. That’s the worst place I’ve been stuck.Days so hot, you could fry an egg on the concrete, people screaming in your face when you fuck up (and you fuck up a LOT, no matter who you are–it’s part of the process in becoming a Sailor), endless classes that are so boring they could use it to put screaming children to sleep but if you fall asleep you have to do PT as punishment until the instructor gets tired… yeah, that part, I don’t miss so much. And OH GOD THE HAIRCUT. My hair was already short when I got there, but they chopped it more. And it was soooooooo uneven. I’m surprised you can’t see it in my boot camp picture. No, you can’t see it.

Apparently, they’re no longer requiring women to cut their hair when they get to boot camp. They can wear their hair long as long as it stays in regs. To that, I say UNFAIR. And AWESOME.

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  1. Gwen Cease

    That kind of heat is miserable! The kind where the air is so wet you just can’t quite catch your breath. You’re a brave woman to have joined the military . Thank you so much for your service

  2. Bronwyn Green

    That just sounds hellish. *shudder*

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