Dec 28

Wednesday Blogging: 2016 in review/2017 plans



2016 has been an interesting year, that’s for sure. In February, I attended the Coastal Magic Convention in Florida with my writing partner Deelylah. I got to see several of my old friends and meet many new ones.

As far as writing, I re-released STAY, formerly known as Second Chance at Love. I officially announced my second pen name and re-released three of those books after giving them a thorough edit, new covers, and new names. December 15, I was part of an anthology surrounding the world Liz Crowe built in her Love Brothers series, and my story kicked off the Mercy General series I’m co-writing with Deelylah Mullin.

In May, I quit my job to write and edit full time. A few months later, I left the publisher I was editing for and began working for Dreamspinner Press. This is a pretty recent development, but I’m pretty happy at DSP so far.

After… entirely too long promising I was going to start a newsletter, I finally did it. YAY! I’m trying to do the thing where I actually engage readers and try to promote my work. I also hired a PA to help me with that kind of stuff, since I”m horrible at doing anything that asks people to buy things or pay attention to me any longer than a few seconds.

Yesterday, I decided to go through my office and get a little more organized. I printed up some blog stuff, including the schedule for 2017. I’m a visual person, and sometimes just seeing it on my computer isn’t enough for me. I also printed 2016′s schedule just to see how many posts I missed… and I missed more than a few. Not happy about that, especially since one of my goals last year was not to miss any posts. I’m not going to make that same resolution this year, because things happen and God knows I’ve learned that we can’t control circumstances. At all.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia earlier this year, and I have a lot of thoughts about that. First: Well hell. That explains so much. Second: Why the hell wasn’t this diagnosed sooner? I’m on 2 new medications to try to deal with the fibro, but I still have bad days. I’ve been sick quite a bit too, battling the flu for the first time in YEARS. I got my flu shot, but apparently my immune system didn’t care about that.

2016 was a battle of emotion for me. My particular type of bipolar disorder leans toward the depressive phase more than mania, and with countless losses, the worst presidential race in history (with regards to people losing their damn minds and being so heartless to one another if, God forbid, we supported the “wrong candidate”), several personal losses and setbacks, being sick every time I turned around… 2016 wasn’t an easy year, and I’ll be happy to see it go. I’m choosing to be optimistic and say that 2017 will be better. This year may have taken a lot from us, but I still have hope, at least.

Next year’s goals are mostly writing-based. I actually have a firm set of plans in place to write. If all goes well, I’ll have 7 books written, 5 books edited, and all the things done. Extremely ambitious, yes, but working from home allows me time to work on my own books more as well as doing my private edits and working for Dreamspinner.

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  1. Gwen Cease

    I’m so sorry your year sucked!! You’re right we so need that bottle of wine . . . or three. Next year is going to be better. I can feel it

  2. Deelylah

    But…you made it through to the other side. Sometimes survival is all we can ask for. :-)

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