Jun 01

Wednesday Blogging: Angry Letter


Today’s topic should be fairly simple for me to write. I mean, everyone gets angry at something every now and then, right? I could probably talk about VA bullshit all day, but that tends to go into “oversharing, entirely too personal” territory. So, what/who do I write an angry letter to? Mother fucking Nature. Because Texas is flooding again.

 Dear Mother Nature,

You are a bitch. Yes, I said it. And I mean every single syllable.

Yes, I realize that my hometown used to be a swamp. A really fucking long time ago, but it started out as a swamp. We’ve poured concrete over everything, but it’s still basically at or below sea level all over the place, so when it rains (or someone spits on the ground) it floods like crazy. So we prepare the best we can, but when we go through years of drought, suddenly you lose your damn mind and send several feet of water at the same time. Yes, FEET. Don’t believe me? Look:

houston flood

Source: Associated Press

If you can’t see the pic clearly, that’s a ROAD. Which has likely been washed out because of all the goddamn rain that turns into a river, which has a tendency to wash away all the concrete. I know, our fault for pouring the shit to begin with, but still. We need to be able to get to our homes, and even though we live in Texas, we don’t all drive big honkin’ trucks. Even if we did, those get washed away too. I saw a couple of 18 wheelers under water in the last few months. Because we’ve been flooding off and on for a few months now.

That’s bullshit.

I’ve lived in Houston for 27 of my 33 years. We’ve never flooded this much and this long until the last year or so. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, MOTHER NATURE.

Just checked the weather for the week. Today is gorgeous. Yesterday was gorgeous. The rest of the week? More fucking storms.


Watching the news, it has POSSIBLE FLOODING on Wednesday (I’m writing this on Tuesday). Mother Nature might as well tell everyone in Houston that she fucking hates them and she wants us all to die.

Kiss my ass, Mother Nature.

No love,


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  1. Bronwyn Green

    I thought last year was bad for you guys, but this is brutal. :(

  2. Paige Prince

    If I didn’t love Texas so much, if move to…anywhere else. But this is my home, floods and all.

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