Aug 03

Wednesday blogging: If I could rewrite a book


Stay CoverIf I could rewrite any book… Funny that this is the topic for this week, since I actually did rewrite one of my books. My first release was called Second Chance at Love and released on my 30th birthday through Secret Cravings Publishing. Sadly, Secret Cravings closed its doors two years later and the rights reverted to me. I opted not to buy the (gorgeous) cover because I wanted to rename the book (I always hated the title) and expand on it.

When I submitted the story, it was for their Weekend Getaway line, which were short stories up to 10,000 words. The original version of SCAL was 27,000 words. Cutting that 17k made me sob like a child.

After I got my rights back, I sat on it for a while, focusing on my other books, my other pen name, and my editing business until I had the time to devote to SCAL. My fabulous editor, Deelylah Mullin, went through and pointed out some areas where it could be expanded and some areas that were weak and should probably be left out. I love working with her so much, I can’t even tell you.

The storyline has been fleshed out and the characters made more real. To me, the original story was so short that it didn’t seem like their relationship had any depth to it. They meet, they go on a date, they have sex the first night, and he decides that he really likes her so he wants to pursue a relationship. It goes kind of along the same lines now, but there’s more exploration of how they become a couple in the new version.

My amazing cover artist came up with the most gorgeous cover in the world (I swear, I’ll never get a cover from anyone other than Kris Norris ever again), and we decided on a new name: STAY. Mostly because Charlie (the heroine) is nervous about starting a new relationship and has a habit of running away, but also because I was listening to an Emmy Rossum song of the same name while I wrote the book. I have a habit of naming my books after whatever I’m listening to while I write. I just hope I don’t end up listening to The Bad Touch while writing one of these days. That would just be… well, bad. :)

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  1. Bronwyn Green

    It’s great that Second Chance at Love got a second chance. :)

  2. Gwen Cease

    Go you!!!! I’m also rewriting one of my earlier books that was way too short. I’m so glad I get to revisit my friends and spend more time with them.

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