Mar 02

Wednesday blogging: Monkey takes over



This week’s topic: If your child/spouse/pet/family member took over your blog for a day, what would it say?

Hi I’m Monkey! I do lots of interesting things. Like at my daycare, I do karate. I’m an orange belt. I’m learning how to use nunchucks. I’m actually really good with them. Also, I love doing karate. I think that I might have a green belt by the end of 2016. Thanks for reading this blog.


Getting my orange belt

I sort of cheated and actually let Monkey take over the blog. I expected her to write about school and playing outside with her friends (because she’d just come back in) and her animals and her favorite song…everything she loves to talk about nonstop. But all she wanted to talk about was karate, which is awesome because I was really scared to put her in karate at first. Her attention span isn’t great and I thought for sure she’d get bored in no time. But she’s really taken to it and she says she wants to be a black belt one day. Go, Monkey!

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3 pings

  1. Bronwyn Green

    Go Monkey! And great job taking over your mama’s blog! :)

  2. Jessica De La Rosa

    That’s awesome! Good job at karate!

  3. Gwen Cease

    Miss Monkey I am way impressed with the whole nunchuks deal. I think I would whack myself in the head with them. You are the bomb

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