May 04

Wednesday Blogging: What I Wanted to be When I Grew Up


Today’s topic is What I Wanted to be When I Grew Up. Well, that’s a little all over the map, for me…

At first, I wanted to be a doctor, because I’d be able to help people. And pay my mom’s light bill.

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Then, I decided I wanted to be a lawyer, because I’m excellent at arguing.

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For a while, my aunt convinced me that truck driver was the way to go.

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I wanted to be a nurse for a long time.

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I decided on x-ray tech instead of nursing because I didn’t want to work 12 hour days and I think bones are freaking cool (this is not how we take x-rays, by the way).

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But my dream has always been to be a full time author/editor. Because that’s what I love to do above all else.

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Click the links below to see what my friends wanted to do when they grew up:

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  1. Jessica De La Rosa

    I also thought about being a lawyer and looked into it. I still think I would enjoy it but I also feel like I would implode from the stress and long hours. Still though, fascinating job.

  2. Bronwyn Green

    I’m imagining you as a long haul trucker writing romance novels at truck stops! :D

  3. Gwen Cease

    I love the idea of a long haul trucker!! Just like BJ and the Bear . . . am I dating myself???

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