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Wednesday Randomness: A few of my favorite things – quotes

favorite things

I’ve loved this quote since middle school, when we first read the poem. It gives me the courage to take my own path, rather than the one that so many others have trodden before me, and to be my own person.

I’m actually the quintessential goody two shoes (any time I attempt to toe out of line, I inevitably get caught), but when I’m writing, I cackle with glee at all the trouble I can get my characters into.

I don’t drink often, but I do like to have a glass or two of wine while I’m writing. When editing, the wine stays put away. Maybe Hemingway knew what he was talking about?

Even though a writer’s life is a fairly solitary existence, with the invention of the Internet, we have found out that we’re not alone and there are MILLIONS of people who love books as much as we do. And there’s always someone around to chat about books with! It’s a lovely feeling – knowing you’re not the only hopeless book worm out there.

Biblical verse. My favorite one. It reminds me that God has a plan for me and to trust in it, no matter what obstacle I’m facing at the time. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Another bible verse. This one literally saved my life. No matter what trouble I’m going through, I know that God has it in His hands and there is no problem too big for Him to handle. This one taught me to “Let go and let God.”


Want to see my blog sisters’ favorite quotes?

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  1. Bronwyn Green

    I love the HP quote and the F. Scott one. Weirdly, I’d never heard the Fitzgerald one before today, but it’s awesome! :D

  2. Gwen Cease

    I love that you quoted Harry Potter. Awesome choice!

  3. Jessica De La Rosa

    Harry Potter quote! I can’t believe I didn’t think of any of those!

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