Sep 09

Wednesday Randomness: A-Z Recipes


This week’s topic is one that’s near and dear to my heart: food. More specifically: Recipes A-Z. Whether they’re ones we’ve tried before and love or ones we’re dying to make, here’s a list of recipes spanning the alphabet from my kitchen to yours:

Apple pie - my personal favorite and the one thing my family knows to steer clear of me when I’m craving (it’s my comfort food)

Beef & broccoli in the crock pot – the crock pot is seriously one of my favorite inventions. I don’t have time to make dinner after I get home most days. I’m too tired (or let’s face it: too lazy). The crock pot rides to the rescue! Beef and broccoli is a family favorite.

Chicken Bombs - I’m not usually one for jalapenos, but if you scrape out everything in the middle (that makes it spicy) and use the outer shell for flavoring like in this dish, they’re pretty delicious.

Cowboy Candy - Yes, I’m doing 2 Cs. Because I can. And because this one is too delicious not to be shared. I’ve seriously sat at a party and eaten nothing but this before. Don’t judge me. It’s a kind of corn dip with other deliciousness. Looks a little weird, but tastes divine. Trust me.

Dump cake – it sounds gross, but it’s delicious, I promise you. This recipe varies slightly from the way that I do it. I don’t use any kind of nuts (I hate walnuts and pecans, and anything else would taste really weird) and I don’t use coconut. But the rest is spot on. I’ve been known to eat almost an entire pan, by myself, in my *ahem* shall we say heftier days.

Eclair Cake - I made this during my last semester of college for the techs at the hospital I did my last rotation at. I don’t think that poor cake lasted longer than an hour once it was opened. But it was tasty!

Fajiladas – Fajitas and Enchiladas mixed together. Sounds yummy. Only, I’d have to make the Texan gravy famous in our Tex Mex restaurants rather than the red sauce everyone tops enchiladas with, since no one in our family likes it. And the gravy recipe? That’s a secret. Sorry, guys.

Gnocchi with sage and cheese sauce – I haven’t tried this one yet, but I love gnocchi, so hopefully it comes out as delicious as it looks!

Lamb (roasted rack of) - I love lamb in an almost unhealthy way. I’m determined to learn how to make it properly so we don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for me to have a single dinner.

Spinach Lasagna Rolls – I’ve been making these in one form or another for over 10 years now. Always a huge hit. So many ways to make them your own.

Tuscan soup - we’re huge fans of Italian food and soup is always a hit on a cold day. Can’t wait for the chilly weather to return!


Okay, I didn’t finish my A-Z list. That’s a lot of recipes!!  And I’m updating this at lunch from work because apparently my Scheduled post didn’t go live when I scheduled it.

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    Ooooohhhh…I see some things I’ll be trying!

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