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Wednesday Randomness: My Favorite Things – Seasons

I don’t know if we’re supposed to choose something about each season that we love, but I’m sticking with autumn since I rarely get a chance to experience it. Sure, heading to the beach is nice, but Texas is freaking hot and I can’t deal with three digit temps. Sweating and me? Nope. We don’t get along at all.

Spring is nice, though still slightly too warm here in Texas. Like I said – it’s basically always summer here. It tends to still be in the 80s even in November/December sometimes, which is freaking insane.

Winter is a joke here in Texas. We occasionally get snow here in Houston, though it’s extremely rare. The last time I remember getting snow was a few years ago. I do remember the first year I moved back after getting out of the Navy (2008), there was actually enough snow on the ground to build a snowman. I took Monkey outside to have a snow fight and make snow angels. Then we came inside for hot cocoa and Mr. Prince took us out for chili. The following week it was back up to the 70s. That’s Texas for you.

For someone who lives in Texas and really only has three seasons (almost summer, summer, and still fucking summer), I really love when we actually have what could pass as autumn. You know – temps ranging in the low 40s to 60s, slightly breezy, not incredibly humid and making you want to swim through the damn air when you take a walk. My idea of a perfect day? Sitting on the porch wearing a sweatshirt and fuzzy socks with a mug of hot tea (or cocoa) and a really awesome book. Or several awesome books, knowing me. Seriously, that’s my idea of the best day ever.

I can’t wait to see what my fellow blogging sisters have come up with. Click the names below to see their favorite things, seasons style.







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  1. Bronwyn Green

    The idea of this: almost summer, summer, and still fucking summer terrifies me. I obviously wouldn’t survive in Texas. I’m now a little nervous about going to Austin in May. o.O

    1. Paige Prince

      When I lived in San Antonio and was stalking Austin every weekend, it wasn’t that bad. It’s far less humid than in Houston (which is actually built on a swamp — wanna come visit me now?) And we’ll be in the hotel most of the time and they’ll blast the lovely AC. I’m so psyched to see you again!!!! ALL OF THE HUGS!

    2. Paige Prince

      You’ll do fine in Austin I promise! We’re gonna be in a hotel most of the time anyway and it hopefully won’t be so bad in May. It was still nice around then last year. Either way – can’t wait to see you!

  2. Gwen Cease

    I feel your pain, Paige. We have all 3 seasons, but summer seems as if it lasts forever. We always seem like we have a scattering of days in the 60s and 70s, but then BAM it’s 90 and humid as hell. So sucks. That’s why I love Fall, when it finally begins to cool down (I hope). Though, every year it seems as if the cooling down takes longer and longer.

    1. Gwen Cease

      Whoops!!! 4 Seasons, we have 4 seasons. My thinker is not braining today.

    2. Paige Prince

      I’m wishing it were cooling off earlier rather than the other way around. So sick of the heat.

    3. Paige Prince

      I know, right! I remember freezing my ass off on Halloween when I was a kid. Now it’s too hot to wear costumes! *cries*

  3. Jessica De La Rosa

    My husband has family in the southwest. I am not a fan of winter and he has allergies something awful. I asked him why we don’t move closer to his family to avoid our seasonal dislikes and have new scenery. This prompts him to tell me stories of snakes, heat, and big bugs finalizing why we stay in the north as, “Trust me, the southwest not a place you want to be.” And after visiting his grandmother in New Mexico and seeing black widows for the first time I thought…okay, he has a point.

    1. Paige Prince

      LOL black widows scare the crap out of me. And my allergies constantly kill me. I didn’t have them until I joined the Navy and moved away. Then when I came back? Cue the chronic sinus infections and nosebleeds. It’s wonderful, really. >_<

  4. Kris

    You couldn’t pay me to live in the south. I hate the heat. It goes over 25 here (I guess that’s around 80 for you) and I don’t want to go outside. Glad you get some autumn. It is the best season, lol.

    1. Paige Prince

      It was 88 today, per the gauge in my truck. I’m thinking it’s time for me to come to Canada.

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