Mar 01

Wednesday Randomness: Top 10 Things I Avoid


1. Cooking. As much as I love to cook, when it comes to making dinner, I drag my feet and pull my hair and don’t even decide what I’m making until it’s time to start making it. So, we eat late most nights. Lol.

2. Blog posts. I don’t think I’m all that interesting, and most of the time my mind goes blank when I sit down to write something. You should hear all the blog posts I write in my head while I’m driving in the car. That’s when I’m brilliant.

3. Calling people. I hate being on the phone. Haaaaate.

4. Getting dressed. Pants suck.

5. Anything crafty. I’m not crafty. So of course I’m gonna drag my feet at making something Or just avoid it entirely.

6. Laundry and/or dishes. I need a maid. So bad.

7. Going to the gym. Even if my back and shoulder weren’t fucked up, I don’t care for the gym anyway.

8. Shopping. I don’t like people much. I hate shopping more social anxiety is real and panic attacks are no fun.

9. Getting dirty or sweaty. It’s a texture thing I guess, but I loathe the feeling of being dirty or sweaty. I immediately have to wash my hands or get in the shower.

10. Watching the news. It’s all so goddamn depressing. No thanks.


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  1. Kris

    Oh but the whole point of getting sweaty is that feeling afterward then the reward of the shower! I spend a lot of time in that state when training, lol.

    And does anyone like shopping. Right, my kid does. Nice list.

  2. Pansy Petal

    I really thought it was just a me thing when it came to not calling people. It surprised me how many others don’t like it either. So, I am not totally weird. Thank you.

  3. Gwen Cease

    I love the fact that a bunch of people put they didn’t like to be on the phone. I actually didn’t think of it and wish I had. I don’t like talking on the phone, at all and I certainly don’t like shopping. Ugh!

  4. Deelylah

    Why didn’t I put talking on the phone on my list? I’m also with Norris about the sweaty thing. I really like a post-work out shower. Super rewarding. Awesome list :-)
    Deelylah recently posted…Top Ten Things I AvoidMy Profile

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