Apr 29

Wednesday Randomness: Write What You Know… Agree? Disagree? Why?


 ”Write what you know.” It was the first bit of writing advice I got way back when. I don’t really remember how old I was. Probably around 7 or 8? That’s when I remember writing my first short stories (let’s face it – they were NKOTB fanfics before I knew what fanfics were), and I can remember one of my English teachers telling me that the best way to come up with a great story it to write what I know.

So far, I’ve mostly stuck with that line of thinking. In Second Chance at Love, I wrote about a wrestler and a reporter. I was obsessed with wrestling from high school until… about 7 years ago, when I first started dating Mr Prince (who hates wrestling). I may not have had insider knowledge, but I did read several of their biographies, watch every episode, attend several shows… I even took my little brother to Wrestlemania when it was in Houston. As for the reporter part – I studied journalism in high school. I wanted to be a reporter one day, but decided that the medical field was far more interesting (and lucrative, since I didn’t plan to pursue broadcast journalism).

That Was Then, This is Now is about a couple in the military. I was in the Navy for 6 years, so this is the very definition of writing what I know.

Now, my newest book (releasing soon!) is called Lost Treasure, and it’s a step waaaaaay out of my comfort zone. It was originally supposed to be part of the Bad Boy Next Door boxset, but it unfortunately never made it to release day. So, I’m expanding on the story to full novel length so I can print it up and have something beautiful (and signable!) in hand when I attend the Austin Author Affair May 22-24. This book is about treasure hunters and Egyptology. While I wanted to be an Egyptologist when I was younger, I never quite made it to the college portion of that dream, opting for something safer (financially) and closer to home. However, this book was loads of fun to research. I spent hours scouring the internet for all the information I could get on locations I’d never been to and jobs I’ve only dreamed of having.

So… write what you know? I’m on the fence about it.

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  1. Bronwyn Green

    I can’t wait to read the new expanded version!

  2. Jessica De La Rosa

    On the fence? I think you are full out “write what you know” type of girl. Even if you didn’t know about it, you researched it, made sure you were comfortable about the topic before opting to just make it up. Come to my side of the fence…we have cookies….

  3. Jess Jarman

    I agree with Other Jessica – when you *don’t* know something, you put the work in and make sure you do know it, at least to the extent you feel comfortable. And that is awesome.

    And I can’t wait to read Lost Treasure in all it’s expanded glory. :)

  4. Kris

    Nothing wrong with writing what you know. I do lots of it, as well. It can add details others might not be able to because it’s something you had to do to understand. Embrace it baby… and good luck with the expansion.

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