May 06


So, my lovely friend Siobhan Muir has this contest she hosts called Thursday Threads Flash Fiction. Each week, a bunch of writers get together and write 100-250 words based on a prompt–usually a line from the winner’s flash fiction the week prior.

This week’s prompt was, “He could do no more.”

So, I ran with it. And somehow…I won. Yeah, you read that right. I won! How awesome is that?? I’m Kermit flailing like crazy at home right now because I thought there was no way I’d beat Deelylah’s submission (my crit partner and bestie). I still think hers is freaking fantastic. Click the badge to go to the site and read the other entries, because they’re definitely worth reading.


Week 215 Winner
Paige Prince | @Paige_Prince
Marci says: It’s tight and a complete story. Very succinct and well written.

Mark tossed the envelope on his desk and sat back with a sigh. The photos within spilled out, fanning like he’d meant for them to end up like that. Artfully arranged images of things he’d done with Keegan, very private things that were never meant for the public eye stared back up at him in full Technicolor splendor.

*Break it off, or you’ll both be sorry.*

The crude block handwriting had been meant to obscure the identity of the blackmailer, but he had a pretty damn good idea who’d taken the pictures. Who had balls the size of Texas enough to send shit like this in the mail but her?

Ice clinked against the glass as he reached for his scotch. His father would roll over in his grave in he’d known that Mark took his alcohol any way but neat. Or that he’d married a fucking banshee who had no compunction about blackmail after he’d literally given her everything they’d ever purchased as a married couple—and some things he had before he’d ever met her—in the divorce. Mark swallowed the lump in his throat along with a hefty swig of Macallan.

He could do no more. Either Marilyn would be satisfied with what he’d already given her, or she’d turn the pictures into the board. But he wasn’t going to be her fucking lapdog anymore.

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