Jan 20

Wordless Wednesday – Happiness

Happiness is…wordless wednesday


IMG_9992 IMG_2604IMG_0525 ditto

Doing what I love

36hours185 firstweekend185 next lifetime tiny dark pursuit tiny lost treasure


ouat inkbook IMG_0581  


11377103_925809940800248_3654628000446703101_n 11102977_925809844133591_1593703458244119419_n11351360_925809910800251_8478267934207964136_n1391600_925809817466927_4430993085913555535_n IMG_9822 IMG_9799 IMG_9819 IMG_9832 IMG_9841 IMG_9855 IMG_9858 IMG_9862

Check out my blog sisters’ happiness:

Bronwyn || Kris || Gwen || Jessica || Kellie


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  1. Bronwyn Green

    What a happy post! :D

  2. Kel

    I want that kitty! :)

  3. Kris Norris

    Love it. I think we all needed a happiness post. Keep on smiling.

  4. Jessica De La Rosa

    I’ve now officially looked at everyone posts and the votes are in:

    I’m the only one that acknowledges my cat is an asshole and didn’t post a picture of her.

    1. Bronwyn Green

      I like your asshole cat. Quite a lot, actually.

  5. Gwen Cease

    Your pics are so great. I love how you included your kitty and puppy in the family pics.

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